Monday, August 25, 2008

Fifty Billboards in Denver Welcome Democrats With A Message: Martin Luther King Was A Republican

One belief central to my political principles is this. A citizen should vote for his values and interests. Party loyalty should be subordinate to faith and family. Only a spouse may rightly claim eternal fidelity. Both African Americans and Jews have since Roosevelt voted disproportionately for the Democratic Party. It is a loyalty that has yielded diminishing returns. A watery broth of rhetoric is seasoned with affirmative action and patronage does nothing to increase the size of the proverbial pie being divided. It defies logic to promise a vote while demanding nothing in return. Jews learned this the hard way with Jimmy Carter who after paying the customary lip service to Israel proceeded to sell it down the river.
Language and faith provide the means to bridge and transcend national divisions. A common language and a religiously derived sense of common values provide a means of unifying a nation. Even where deep seated differences remain, a code of how one may permissibly differ is essential to the peace and well being of a nation.
Dr. Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. She has devoted her life to spreading her Christian faith. She views politics as a domain in which the values of faith may find practical expression in society. She is particularly concerned with the rights of the unborn. There is a common denominator, a common domain of understanding that I as a Jew feel exists with a woman such as Dr. King. It is possible to differ passionately about the hereafter and about the past and agree about the needs of the present. A political coalition of religious traditionalists that transcends theological boundaries would greatly benefit America.
Ethnic loyalties will always exist. There is a place for such feelings . But the perception of what is good for one's self for one's family and community should be derived from reason and applied principles of faith.
Dr. King seeks to build a social vision that is founded on her core values. In Denver, a mantra of unquestioned assumptions will over the next few days numb the collective intellect of the party faithful. It is the actions and choices of those who follow their intellect and strive for their vision who shape our country and set it on the right path.
The fifty billboards in Denver put up by the National Black Republican Association are a welcome wakeup call to the nation. At election time , the political parties come to the voter as supplicants. We, the voters should hold them to the task of representing our interests. Thank you, Dr. King for stating these principles so forcefully.

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