Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fighting The Obama Campaign's Thought Police With Satire, Anger And Ridicule

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Under communism, not every crime was punished upon discovery. A person may have had a black market operation, or a contact at the state owned bakery who sets aside good cuts of meat for them. They may have a friend in the factory who arranged for vacation time in the summer, or someone who bumped them up the ten year waiting list to get a car. Many things seemed to slide, and most of the time, life under communism was livable.
These accumulations of small "crimes" were often noted but not punished. They served as both a safety valve and collateral. If you are called in to speak to the secret police and shown a list of your transgressions, then you might become very docile and compliant. Your son's draft papers might be sitting on the KGB officer's desk. Will your son be stationed locally when he does his compulsory military service? Or will he be sent to the border with Mongolia, twelve time zones away? It's up to you. Are you going to be a hero, when you find out that some of your best friends informed on you anyhow? Or will you wake up to reality? Even if you are never called on to inform would you even dream of becoming a dissident? No way!! They have too much on you.They could lock you up without mentioning a thing about politics.

America now has complex tax codes and campaign finance laws. There are crimes that everyone can recognise, such as armed robbery and murder. Then there are white collar offenses that might, just might be illegal, if presented the right way to a prosecutor. The Obama campaign is very upset about attack ads that highlight Obama's friendship with former terrorist Bill Ayers. Instead of confining themselves to rebuttals, they are trying to interest the federal government in prosecuting the sponsor of the ad. (Read about Obama campaign's KGB tactics here)
What was an issue of fairness and accuracy is now an question of basic free speech. Do we as a nation want to introduce KGB tactics to stifle political dissent? Those who support free speech must combat and condemn this sinister attack by the Obama campaign on the vitality of political debate. Chairman Mao once used the expression, "Let a hundred flowers bloom" to advocate freedom of speech and tolerance of ideological diversity. In the age of the internet, this metaphor has a new meaning. CNN and FOX may cave in and pull an offending ad that is anti Obama. But such videos will be posted on thousands of websites . Because the ad has been suppressed, it will be sought out on Google and downloaded. Links will be e mailed. The ad that drives Obama crazy will spread across the internet.
This website is a free speech web site. If John McCain's campaign tries to suppress an ad, we will post it Since Barack Obama is the biggest offender against free speech, we will post everything he is trying to suppress. This posting is biased. It is angry. I am loading it up with posters and video content to taunt Obama's thought police. If this is how he behaves as a candidate, I don't even want to think about what he would do as president.

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