Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interesting Loophole on Obama Website (Have Fun!!)

Manuel Leyber Personal Blog On Obama Website

There has been a lot of talk about extremists and Jew haters opening up blogs on Barack Obama's campaign website. A friend of mine, who is not even an Obama supporter managed to open a spoof blog from an organisation called Homeland for Esperanto Liberation Lobby. (H.E.L.L.) headed by a man named Manuel Leyber. Leyber issued an endorsement of Barack Obama in the name of his organisation, praising Obama in somewhat surreal terms. It seems that the security on Obama's web site is about as good as it will be at the U.S. Mexican border if Obama is elected. I can't see the purpose to a campaign website that will host anyone who wants to set up a blog, but I can't see the purpose to Obama being president either. It seems that the Obama campaign is going to be spending time and money closing down nutty blogs on their web site. But hey that's their problem. I'll bet these loony blogs are going to grow like mushrooms on their web site. I'll bet some people in the Obama campaign are smoking mushrooms too.
My friend is much too shy to let you know who is really behind his blog on the Obama site, but he agreed to let me repost his articles before his site is taken down. I also included his link, so you can see his site yourself while it is still up. Who knows, you may even want to open a blog on Obama's website yourself.

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Below I have reposted with permission the introduction and two entries on Manuel Leyber's personal blog on the Obama web site

Manuel Leyber's Blog
This blog supports the establishment of an Esperanto speaking homeland. Two million people speak Esperanto. This is more than the population of San Marino, Malta, Montenegro,Nauru and Pitcairn Island combined! We speakers of Esperanto are appealing to the Obama Campaign to recognise our national asperations. We demand our rights!!

Manuel Leyber Endorses Barack Obama

Manuel Leyber, founder of the Homeland for Esperanto Liberation Lobby (H.E.L.L) has thrown his support to Barack Obama in his presidential campaign. At a press conference at Kennedy airport, Leyber cited Barack's multicultural background and conciliatory approach to international diplomacy.

"Esperanto isn't English, French Spanish or anything at all. It's what ever you want it to be. It's a lot like Barack Obama. I'm sure he will be whatever we want him to be.Some countries have an opposition. If Obama is elected, he'll take both sides of an issue and we won't need an opposition. Americans spend too much time arguing about politics. We need a leader who will talk to himself from both sides of his mouth and tell the American people to listen!!

Obama stands for change. Change means many things. It means coins for a parking meter. It means clean underwear and socks. It even means changing your mind. Obama knows how to change his mind. He does it every day. That is why I like him. Even if he repudiates his endorsement f our program, he'll still support us sometimes. That is progress I can live with.

I urge all everyone in H.E.L.L. to support Obama. I can't give him any votes in the electoral collegeI can't deliver the Black vote or the Spanish vote. As president of this organisation, all I can do is give him H.E.L.L.

Hunger Strike for An Esperanto Homeland
Friday, August 8th will be a hunger strike in support of an Esperanto homeland. The hunger strike will be from 1:00PM to 4:00 PM. Please mark this on your busy schedules.

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