Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Vice President, Sarah Palin: My Comments

John McCain's pick for vice president has thrown the Democratic Party into a disoriented spin mode the morning after Obama's underwhelming speech at the Temple of Obamis in the mountains of Colorado. Joe Biden, a poster child for tactless remarks and appeasement now stands opposite an unabashed religious conservative. As governor, Sarah Palin of Alaska has been unafraid of stepping on toes, exposing and routing governmental corruption, even when the malefactors were of her own party. Any research into her record will uncover a stark contrast to Obama's entanglement in the Chicago political machine its corruption , and its racism. The structural similarity of state government to Federal government has historically made gubernatorial experience desirable in joining the presidential ticket.
Governor Palin is unabashedly pro life. She is the mother of a child with Down's Syndrome which adds a personal resonance to her pro life beliefs. This undoubtedly gives her a sensitivity to the issues of people with disabilities. She commended Senator Clinton for "putting cracks in the glass ceiling" that has blocked women's political advancement. It is a relief to many that McCain did not choose a liberal Republican like former Republican Jim Jeffords of Vermont or New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.
It is unlikely that the ideologues and spin masters of the Democratic Party will concede that her appointment is a step forward for women. The Democrats only count a woman or an African American as "empowered" when they embrace the beliefs of the Democratic Party. To use Marxist jargon, they believe that political conservatives who are Black or female have "internalised the values of the oppressors. " Their patronising approach lends them an eerie resemblance to the"revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat" of which Gus Hall and Vladimir Lenin would certainly be proud.
The Democrats want the American political spectrum to be an ideological ghetto, in which ethnicity and colour determine where one may politically reside. To this end, they have distorted and falsified American history, robbing it of its many fascinating complexities such as the Republican judges who dismantled the Jim Crow laws and Nixon's creative attacks on poverty in America.
McCain has thoroughly challenged Democratic sterotypes and prejudices with his choice of Governor Palin as running mate. Perhaps now we can have a national dialogue about the very different visions for America held by the Democratic Party and the Republicans. This will provide a refreshing counterpoint to the distasteful task of reviewing Barack Obama's past record in Illinois politics
With his well timed announcement pushing the Democratic convention off the front pages, McCain has shown a tactical adeptness that will be of great help to our nation in the years ahead. His sharpness and winning oratorical style will make this an interesting campaign. The Democratic post convention "bounce" seems to be Obama's presidential ambitions hitting the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Very fine analysis of what occurred this morning. Thank you!

Ignacio said...


I think if I was in the United States, I would vote to Barack Obama, because he is against the war of Irak.

But I am not in that country, so my opinion is irrelevant.

And excuse me if my English is not very well.