Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle and Barack: Getting Rich By Talking Poor truth part 2 obama truth part 1

The Obamas have a winning formula. Far from a struggling existence, the Obamas live lives of luxury. They are adept at spewing clouds of populist rhetoric and creating the impression that they struggle for the good of the common worker. One of the central concerns expressed by the Democratic Party is the matter of health care. It is of direct concern to blue collar workers and of special concern in the poor neighbourhoods represented by Barack Obama.
It is an interesting coincidence that Michelle Obama's salary as an vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center jumped by almost $200,000 when her husband became a U.S. Senator. Her job involved steering uninsured patients to other hospitals in the area. I can say from first hand experience that it is frightening to move a sick child for financial reasons when the sole focus should be on healing. With her job paying close to $400,000 as a hospital vice president, and another $100,000 dollar job on a corporate board of directors, Michelle and Barack were probably too busy to feel the pain of their constituents. These two videos tell the story of the Obama fantasy castle concealed in a thick cloud of lofty platitudes. They are good for three more months of jokes. That is about it. In November let's put term limits on their position as the laughingstock of America. Let them be the burden of Chicago and not of the country.
The videos with this posting tell the story of how to stretch a Senator's salary.

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