Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama Campaign Website Remains Clueless

Today is the sixth day that a fictitious activist, Manuel Layber has maintained a blog on Barack Obama's campaign website. The initials of his organisation, the "Homeland For Esperanto Liberation League" describe what America and the world might become under an Obama presidency. Today, Layber's friend, Will Payger joined Layber on his website to advocate for the political rights of deceased Democrats. My friend who put up this web site is far too modest to claim credit, but he has asked for my help in publicising his site to expose the ineptitude of the Obama campaign. I am posting here the link to Manuel Layber's site and also the postings from the last few days on the Manuel Layber site.

Munuel Layber met today with Will Payger, leader of a Chicago group of activists, the Chicago Obama Revolutionaries for Post-mortem Social Empowerment. (C.O.R.P.S.E.)Mr. Payger has been working tirelessly to promote acceptance of the idea that death is only a cognitive disability and should not mark the end of participation in the political process.

"Chicago's dead community has led the world in postmortem political activism, said Mr. Payger. Most of the world's great faiths view death as a broadening of awareness and a merging into oneness. We feel that the increased wisdom and awareness that follows death is why Chicago's dead community has always voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party. The Mormon wing of our organisation baptises people after death. We simply take this a step further and register them to vote as Democrats."

When asked if registering the deceased might lead to abuses of the political process, Mr. Payger became quite animated.

"We have strict guidelines as to whom we will accept in our post-mortem voter registration. My grandmother, Techia Nifter was a labour activist and a feminist. She never became a citizen, so I would not register her to vote. I mean, I have values and standards. PETA activists in our organisation want to end the disenfranchisement of "animal companions" and allow dogs and cats to vote. I oppose this because of the language barriers in communicating with them. But a large number of people in my organisation, both dead and alive support the idea of animal empowerment. The whole world wants Obama to be president. Our slogan is "The lion shall lie down with the lamb. The dead shall rise. And they will all vote for Obama .

The meeting between Manuel Layber and Will payger lasted over three and a half hours. Much of their strategy session was spent hunched over an ouija board, communing with the spirits of deceased Democrats. Both community leaders left the meeting in high spirits. Mr Layber left in a white stretch limousine, and Mr. Payger left in a hearse with a bumper sticker that said "Dying to Vote For Obama in 2008."

People talk all the time about the Palestinians. I don't want to offend my Jewish friends, but I support them I stopped in Palatine when I was in Chicago and everyone was so nice. So many people spoke English, I didn't hear any Arabic. That doesn't really surprise me though. I mean Jesus spoke English even though he used a lot of thees and thous that we don't use any more. I asked the people of Palatine about Obama. They think he's an okay senator. They don't want to start their own country.It would be bad for their economy. No one wants to have a situation where you need a visa to go from Palatine to Chicago.

People think that Obama will favor the Arabs because he needs the votes of the people of Palatine. I don't think that's fair. I actually met some Jewish Palatinians, and they get along fine with their Palatinian neighbours. Barack Obama brought peace and hope to Palatine. That is why they want to remain a part of the State of Illinois. and not start their own country.

Barack Obama is good for Palatine. He's good for the Jews. And He's good for the world.

Poor people want more money. When there is inflation, you get more money. When there is a lot of inflation, everyone can be a millionaire. I want to flash a wad of hundred thousand dollar bills at the grocery when I go to buy a quart of milk. If Obama gets elected, I will be able to become a millionaire. That is why I want Obama for president.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something, or is "Manuel Layber" (ha ha) actually calling the Obama campaign "inept" because it hasn't noticed/doesn't care about his silly little (Onion-wannabe) blog postings? ..REALLY?? Cuz that's actually kinda sweet.. er, a "desperately seeking attention" sort of way. :)

Does he realize how many "community blog" postings are on that site? I'd be P.O'ed if the campaign actually wasted its time policing pointless comments like "Manuel's!"

Magdeburger Joe said...

As you might probably note, this blog is shamelessly partisan. I think Obama is a disaster campaigning to happen. I will use what ever material is at hand to lampoon him, including his own blog. I get a special pleasure out of dissing him on his own website. Seeing my scribblings beneath his glossy logo gives me a special pleasure.
Am I "desperately seeking attention? Damn straight I am!! If I wanted to sink into obscurity, I would clip lists of chores for my kids underneath a magnet on the refrigerator. Instead, I nurse dreams of stardom in the blog universe.
Deep down, I am humble and self effacing. The fact that you accused me of wanting to sound like "The Onion" has swelled my head from a 71/4 to a 71/2 hat size.I would sue you for the cost of new hats, but the discovery phase of any defense to a lawsuit by me would uncover my aversion to wearing brimmed hats of any sort.
There is a certain mode of junior high school disrespect in which one contrives grounds to scoff at one's opponent no matter what they say. If Obama's webmaster takes down Manuel Layber's blog, I will slam them for repressing dissent. If they leave it up, I will criticise their ineptitude.
Being a deeply humble person, intensely averse to the public spotlight, I would never compare my postings to "The Onion". From the bottom of my self effacing heart, I thank you for making this comparison.You have made my day. On this note, I will return to my lowly place in the blogosphere. No passerby on the street shall know the dreams of blogging grandeur that fill my waking dreams.
Thank you for your encouraging words. I don't care what people say, as long as they say something.Thankk you for taking the time to share your feelings with me