Sunday, September 28, 2008

1)Bloomberg Assault on Salt (2) Barack Obama : Five Star Wuss

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has added another item to his health agenda. In addition to smoking and transfats, Bloomberg is now admonishing citizens to regulate their salt intake.

"People are eating too much salt, me included," Bloomberg told a crowd of health professionals gathered at the Pierre Hotel for an awards luncheon. In a disturbing note, the Vos Iz Neias website reports that Bloomberg considers his assault on salt to be part of a long campaign to make New Yorkers healthy. And he does not intend it to be the last step.

"After this, we can keep going," Bloomberg reportedly said. "People don't like to have somebody come in and tell them what to do, but afterward, if it turns out to be something that's in their interest, they sure as heck say thank you."

Bloomberg persists in maintaining the illusion that all of our city's more basic problems have been solved. Gunfire in the streets, drugs and gangs are raaising the blood pressure of millions of New Yorkers, adding to the direct fatalities that result from these problems. Many New Yorkers are enslaved like serfs to high rents and mortgages. To all of these problems, the mayor displays a breezy indifference.

I understand the mayor's real concerns. He could promote restaurants for dieters and health education through his already existing communications network. Rather than force feed good health, he could educate instead. His concerns are legitimate, but there are better ways to bring New Yorkers on board. Real change in the area of public health is slow. Less coercive measures than Mayor Bloomberg's have already yielded results in the war on smoking.

Bloomberg is a wealthy and a healthy man. When he finishes his term as mayor, I would applaud his efforts in the area of public health as a private citizen. Many middle aged men such as myself hope to reach his age in shape comparable to his. A tolerable mix of envy and admiration are a more powerful motive to listen to Mayor Bloomberg than the strong arm of government. Until he returns to private life, he should work on crime, drugs and skyrocketing housing costs. This is how he could bring down our blood pressure

Barack Obama : Five Star Wuss

The Obama campaign has waged war on free speech in Missouri by getting sympathetic law enforcement officials to go after ads they deem to be inaccurate. The step is a willful disregard of the distinction between political and commercial speech.
Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri has rightfully blasted the Obama attack on free speech in the strongest terms, saying ““What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public …Click here for entire article

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