Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(1)Canadian Rock in French (2) Obama Writes off Four States, Losing Jewish Vote

The distinctive French spoken in Canada is a living reminder of the French role in colonising North America. Because it is descended from a dialect of French that did not achieve political dominance, it is not given the respect that it deserves. I feel a certain hemispheric solidarity with the languages and culture of the New World when they meet up with European feelings of cultural superiority.

One of my favourite Canadian rock groups that sings in French is Vilain Pingouin. I am presenting one of their videos here for your listening pleasure.


Obama Writes off Four States, Losing Jewish Voters in New York

The movement for hope and change that lit up the world from the Eiffel tower to the Brandenburg gate has now given up hope of changing the minds of voters in four states.

North Dakota, Idaho, Alaska, have all been written off by the Obama campaign, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times.(Click here)

In these states, campaign workers have been withdrawn and redeployed in states where the polls show a closer contest. The Obama campaign has also pulled television ads in Georgia.

The four states have a total of 22 electoral votes.

Although the LA Times is delivering encouraging news to the McCain campaign, it does so in a backhand and condescending manner. On their web site, the story is accompanied by a video that discusses white racism. The states from which Obama forces have withdrawn are described in the most pejorative terms.

“The Associated Press reported this evening and an Obama spokeswoman confirmed that the Chicago-based campaign is pulling its 50-some staffers out of the heavily Republican state full of embittered small towns and shipping the workers east to Minnesota and Wisconsin, where the Democrat’s prospects seem brighter and closer.” (LA Times)

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