Friday, September 26, 2008

Best of National Anthems/Visit to Molossia a Great Microrepublic

I am a big fan of national anthems. The prize for nicest lyrics could definitely go to Swazi land in the middle of South Africa. Good lyrics often sound universal themes and ideals for a country to live up to The Swazi anthem does this very well.

Swaziland National Anthem Lyrics


Original Swazi Words

Nkulunkulu Mnikati wetibusiso teMaswati,

Siyatibonga tonkhe tinhlanhla,

Sibonga iNgwenyama yetfu,

Live netintsaba nemifula.

Busisa tiphatsi mandla taka Ngwane

Nguwe wedvwa Somandla wetfu;

Sinike kuhlanipha lokungenabucili

Simise usicinise, Simakadze.


O Lord our God, bestower of the blessings of the Swazi;

We give Thee thanks for all our good fortune;

We offer thanks and praise for our king;

And for our fair land, its hills and rivers;

The Blessings be on all rulers of our country;

Might and power are Thine alone;

We pray Thee to grant us wisdom without deceit or malice.

Establish and fortify us, Lord Eternal.


Micronations are countries that either occupy tiny spaces such as a small island, an acre of land or even an apartment.Most have no legal standing at all. They are tolerated because they constitute no threat. One such "country " is Molossia, which is located in the middle of Nevada on an acre and a half of land. It has three citizens, one of whom is its bemedalled ruler. He is related by marriage or blood to the entire population of his country, all of whom work "abroad". The country is heavily dependent upon trade with the United States. Its border reflects its friendly relationship with its neighbours. There is no fence or visa requirements. So far, there has been no exchange of ambassadors. The language of the country is English. The following videos show the current state of affairs in that country. There are probably enough micronations to form a micro UN which would be a major improvement on the one currently in existence. There are other micronations I intend to feature in future articles. I hope you enjoy today's coverage of Molossia.

State Visit to Molossia

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