Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Congressional Polls: Republicans Still Lag, But Gap Narrows / A Murder In Crown Heights

Since the Republican convention, the gap between the Democrats and the Republicans has narrowed considerably. The USA Gallup poll actually places the Republicans ahead by five points in a generic congressional race. Real Clear Politics, which averages all of the polls together has the Republicans behind by 5.4% Continue Reading »


An unidentified Black man believed to be in his mid fifties was beaten to death in the lobby of a Crown Heights apartment building. The man was attacked by a group of about five young assailants who appeared to be African American who apparently used their hands and feet as deadly weapons.

Both and (click links for their stories) reported an immediate and sweeping police response to the murder. was unequivocal in its approval of the police response to the murder . The scene was cordoned off with crime scene tape and combed for evidence. Residents in the area near the corner of Kingston Avenue and Empire Boulevard were badly shaken by the incident and reportedly sharing information with police. was more critical of the police response. They noted the visible and vocal anger of the new police chief Peter Simonetti at difficulties in securing the crime scene, including that of onlookers snapping pictures with their cell phones . Such displeasure is hardly surprising. Contamination of a crime scene is a major obstacle to apprehending and convicting a criminal. The less a crime scene is disturbed in a search for evidence, the easier it is to recover forensic evidence. should educate the public in this matter. raised another serious issue. They say that in the last month, the 71st Precinct under Simonetti has seen a steep rise in major felonies. Without citing specific figures, they allege that murder, rape and grand larceny have doubled in the past month.

One of the major issues that has plagued the 71st precinct is the feeling among residents that crime data is teased to paint a rosy picture. If the 71st precinct under Simonetti is willing to publish such alarming statistics, it is a testimony to his honesty. Honest and accurate data is the first step in a law enforcement. Police are a part of the solution but not the entire solution. Simonetti should be rewarded and not punished or criticised for collecting and publicising accurate data.

Crown Heights residents have for years noted a rise in crime. Concerns about this cut across all ethnic boundaries. Blacks and whites here all support the men in blue during these difficult times. Inspector Simonetti and the police in the 71st deserve our unqualified support during these difficult times. Much of police success depends upon community support. It is time to do our part

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Anonymous said...

It is about time that someone has finally stepped up and spoke the truth instead of always faulting the police. The community should stand behind the men and woman who put their lives and jobs on the line for them. Don't judge an entire department on a few bad seeds. Simonetti is an honorable man willing to do what ever it takes to make the community better. Unfortunately, there are people who resort to name calling and juvenille behavior, who I guess feel they can do a better job. Well, I say go right ahead!