Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain and Palin Class Contrasts With the Democratic Ass (Donkey)

The Republicans have put their convention on hold, preparing to put themselves instead in the service of relief efforts in the wake of hurricane Gustav.
The Democrats are continuing their campaign full speed ahead, stopping only to do damage control in the wake of tasteless remarks about the hurricane being good for the Democrats.

Barack Obama indignantly demands that Republicans leave Michelle out of the political fray. This is despite her campaigning for her husband and entering into political debate.
When Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's vice presidential pick, her choice to raise a child with Down's Syndrome was worked over until negative comments could be made. Democratic bloggers alleged that her child was really her grand child. Despite this, it is Republican bloggers that are denounced for below the belt blogging.

The Democrats are famed as the advocates for women's rights. Sarah Palin goes back to work with an infant at home. Now the Democrats just got religion. Republican Palin ought to stay home, according to the Democratic spin machine.

When ads ran about Obama and ex Weatherman Bill Ayers, the Democrats were on the case in an instant with a crack legal team and an army of volunteers.
At the end of a long weekend, after the damage is done, Obama condemns personal attacks on the Palin family.

For the Democrats, rules are something other people have to follow so you can beat them by dirty fighting. Most Americans with families know how hard it is to raise children in today's world. In private life, those who smugly criticise other people's children are regarded as sanctimonious jerks.

The Democrats have introduced Orwellian distortions into the English language. They denounce well documented references to Obama's friendship with Bill Ayers as "lies". It is clear that in the Obamian dialect of newspeak, a lie is an inconvenient truth. Those who stick to the issues and examine Obama's record and platform are slurred as racists. The Democrats clearly want Republicans to play fifty two pickup with a deck of race cards as they dash to the White House in a cloud of obfuscation.

At the end of the day, double standards, distortion and dirty pool are all duly noted by an electorate that takes its responsibilities seriously. The Republicans will not defeat the Democrats . The Democrats will defeat themselves.

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The republicans and democratics should both be defeated.c