Thursday, September 18, 2008

New York Jewish Leadership Ignores Grass Roots and Snubs Sarah Palin / Who Should Investigate Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy?

For decades there has been a disconnect between Orthodox Jews and the Democratic Party. Polls which show a lopsided knee jerk support for the Democratic Party seem to ignore deep seated differences between Orthodox Jewish voting patterns and concerns that separate us from what seems to be a liberal majority.

There is going to be a rally Monday to oppose Ahmadinejad. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was invited to attend, as was Hillary Clinton. Excitement was high at the prospect of bipartisan opposition to Ahamadinejad.

The latest news of Sarah Palin being disinvited is deeply embarrassing. Clinton was reportedly offended at being "blindsided" and refused to attend because of the Palin invitation. After disinviting Palin, the organisers pledged that no politicians would attend. This will undoubtedly turn the rally into a low profile event.

I think that another rally should be organised by New Yorkers who are not intimidated by the New York City Democratic machine. Both Republicans and Democrats should be invited. Whoever objects to the other should be told that they are free to stay home. A nuclear Iran should not face petty partisan politics among its opposition. Anyone who is a statesman and not a politician should jump at the opportunity to demonstrate to our nation's enemies a unity that transcends partisan politics.

Many Jews are embarrassed by the bumbling of our so called leadership. Many New Yorkers are disgusted with the strong arm tactics of a Democratic Party political machine that rivals the corruption and stagnation of Obama's Chicago. This sorry episode is a wakeup call yet again to New Yorkers to build a meaningful political opposition in New York. The stench of intimidation , stale ideas and cliches emanating from our city is overpowering New Yorkers deserve better.


Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy: Who Should Investigate?

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi called for a Congressional investigation into the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and its resulting fallout. There is no doubt that it should be investigated. Nancy Pelosi herself showed how imprudent it would be for Congress to conduct the investigation when she disavowed any responsibility on the part of Democrats in Congress or prior administrations.

Too much is at stake for a partisan investigation. Jobs are at stake pensions and family savings are endangered by financial turbulence. A Congressional investigation during an election year will turn into a festival of finger pointing and grand standing. The country does not need such a waste of money and time.

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