Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Note To Readers About The Presidential candidates and Israel /My Comments on Election 2008

Since starting to write for The American Sentinel a short while ago, I have mentioned Israel's security very little, although it is of paramount concern to me. This was not an oversight, but a careful decision.

I have been outspoken in opposing Barack Obama. I feel he has a stealth agenda in foreign policy similar to and perhaps worse than that of Jimmy Carter. His policies of appeasement put millions of people in nations all around the globe in danger. If history reverberates through time to our present day, it is the voice of Churchill that should be heard and not the craven appeasement of Neville Chamberlain.

I feel that Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach, (the Seven Noahide Laws) have a place in the political arena. Abortion, euthanasia and the sanctity of marriage are among many issues critical to America's spiritual and physical well being. Although Israel should be a light to the nations, at this time Israel looks more to America. Until Israel regains its spiritual sense of direction and even afterward, I have an obligation as an American to set an example that will be beneficial for Israel to emulate.

Israel is a small country that daily makes big sacrifices to physically survive. These sacrifices have been of both money and blood. Most Americans have an appreciation of this. Israel's Prime Minister does not. Ehud Olmert is attempting to give away land that has been paid for in blood, despite the universally visible uselessness of territorial concessions. His decisions in office would only be plausible if considered in the light of a numbered and anonymous bank account. The corruption while mayor of Jerusalem for which he may well stand trial points to the distinct possibility that his avarice has tainted the Prime Minister's office.

Olmert was supposed to resign. There is serious doubt in my mind that his suicidal orientation would cease with the ascent of a successor. Is Olmert alone in his guilt for endangering lives and land? I do not believe so. The political parties that joined and remain in his coalition are equally to blame. They could walk out. Unfortunately, the money and jobs doled out to political supporters puts many a conscience to sleep. Those who sit in Olmert's coalition resemble nothing so much as a crowd chasing a bank robber that dives for bills tossed into the air. It would be wrong to blame Olmert alone. We the people tolerate him.

When Condoleeza Rice or some other figure speaks against Israel, I will speak up, but the damage we do to ourselves by perpetuating Olmert's suicidal policies can not be blamed on our allies or even our opponents. I do not only look forward to Olmert's resignation. I look forward to a collective change of heart in which the sacrifices of millions of Israelis will finally get the respect from Israel's leaders that is so richly deserved.

When we pray for delivery from Israel's enemies, we should look not only over mountains, deserts and water. We should not only look across borders. We should look in the mirror. One of the greatest miracles of our history is how time and time again G-d rescues us from our selves.


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