Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama Outsources Polls, Thoughts About Italy and Italian Music

In a figurative sense, the Obama campaign has now tapped foreign troops to win the polls leading up to the November elections. According to the BBC, citizens of twenty two countries overwhelmingly favour Barack Hussein Obama to be America’s next President.

The poll included citizens of China, Egypt , Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. It raises interesting questions. Continue Reading »

Please click on link above to finish reading article. It's still Magdeburger Joe. Just a different url.


Discovering Italian pop music opened the door to me of world music. When I moved to Italy in 1973, classmates in school and fellow patrons in the bar near my home turned me on to the best in Italian music. At that time, Lucio Battisti was very popular. Le Orme, which reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd was also prominent on the Italian music scene.

" Drupi" came out with a hit "Vado Via" (I am going away) which was popular in Europe and in Israel at that time. His style is slow, soft rock music but his voice has the rasping quality of Rod Stewart. Listening to him brings back memories of my delightful discoveries of cappuccino, espresso, and the fact that Italy had no drinking age.

Italy is a country of varied languages and landscapes. It was only unified as a country in 1861. Piedmontese, Sardinian and Sicilian are among the distinct languages spoken within its borders. Although the Italian fascist government attempted to ingratiate themselves to Germany by copying their Nuremberg race laws, 70% of Italy's Jews survived the war. Most who were killed were killed when the north of the country was under direct German occupation.Areas of France and Jugoslavia that were under Italian occupation were widely known to be safer for Jews than elsewhere. I will always remember and recount the kindnesses of so many Italians during World War Two. The decency of that wonderful people mitigated the harshness of the fascist ideology that governed that country from 1922 until 1945.

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