Friday, September 19, 2008

Regarding Euthanasia/McCain Palin and the Jewish Vote

The cancer of so called "mercy killings that started in Nazi Germany metastasized to Holland years after World War Two. The list of allowable excuses for this barbaric practice has lengthened to the point that anyone willing to get signatures from two doctors can legally kill themselves.

This evil practice has found an advocate in Great Britain. Baroness Warnock, who is ludicrously referrd to as an ethicist has taken the next logical step and turned suicide into a duty for the terminally ill according to the USA Today. Baroness Warnock, at age 84 has succeeded in her own unique way in giving longevity a bad name. She is also a poster girl for turning the United Kingdom into a Republic. Her arguments are chilling , her premises reduce the value of human life to a profit loss statement.

"If you're demented, you're wasting people's lives — your family's lives — and you're wasting the resources of the National Health Service," Baroness Warnock, 84, said in an interview with Life and Work, the magazine of the Church of Scotland. (quoted in USA Today.

Mrs. Warnock's views have sent shockwaves throughout Britain Neil Hunt, CEO of the Alzheimer's Society is quoted as follows in USA Today.

"I am shocked and amazed that Baroness Warnock could disregard the value of the lives of people with dementia so callously," said Neil Hunt, CEO of the Alzheimer's Society. "With the right care, a person can have good quality of life very late in to dementia. To suggest that people with dementia shouldn't be entitled to that quality of life or that they should feel that they have some sort of duty to kill themselves is nothing short of barbaric."

The implications of Warnock's depraved views extend far beyond those with disabilities. They are an attack on the Judaeo Christion view of humans as trustees of a life ggiven them by G-d. Euthanasia is a slippery slope that ends in involuntary murder of the infirm. The only hope is that Baroness Warnock's brutal frankness will awaken us to where we are headed as a society.

It is a sick joke that Baroness Warnock is described as an ethicist. Her views evoke memories of Nazi ideology. Her ideas should be fought and repudiated wherever they see the light of day.

USA Today article


McCain-Palin and the Jewish Vote: Some Facts to Consider

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have geared up to bid for the Jewish vote. For decades this prize was considered the lawful entitlement of every Democratic candidate. Orthodox Jews and those who value Israeli and American national security are starting to question this sacred canon of political thought.

You can buy an Obama yarmulka and an Obama button with Hebrew lettering, but is B.O. really good for the Jews? J and B may be a popular drink after shul on Shabbos, but whatabout J.B.?

Any good accountant would get at the truth by following the paper trail. If you look at the Obama ticket and its protestations of love for Israel, do you ever wonder if they might be cooking the books ? As agent Mulder says on X Files, “The truth is out there”.

Though widely reputed to be long on faith and short on skepticism, it is Orthodox Jews who have been the most probing and thorough in their questioning of Democratic Party dogma.

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