Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank You Paul McCartney/ Is Obama Shouting Fire in A Crowded Theatre?

Paul McCartney has had a long and productive career both as one of the Beatles and performing on his own. He carried on the Beatles practice of not shying from controversy throughout his career. Back in the 1960's, the Beatles returned medals they had received from Queen Elizabeth the Second to protest British support for the Nigerians in their opposition to Biafran independence.

Later, in the early seventies, McCartney recorded a song on his own titled "Give Ireland Back To The Irish", which dealt with Northern Ireland. The song was banned by the BBC from the British airwaves. It was , however very popular in Boston with its large Irish American population.

Paul McCartney has decided recently to give a concert in Israel in Tel Aviv. Despite a warning from a Hezbollah leader in Lebanon that he would be marked for death, McCartney has remained firm in his decision to perform in Israel.

The United Kingdom is nor like the United States. Its Jewish community is small and timid. Its Muslims are numerous and vocal. Unfair and disproportionate condemnation of Israel is the norm in Britain especially on university campuses. McCartney actually stands to lose support by treating Israel as anything other than a pariah state.

I am grateful to McCartney for staying firm in his resolve to perform in Israel. Even those who have legitimate and reasoned differences with McCartney have every reason to respect him for following his conscience wherever it might take him. Those who stand by us at a time when kneejerk condemnation is the norm deserve our thanks.

Thank you Paul McCartney

Give Ireland Back To The Irish by Paul McCartney

Obama’s Campaign: Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater?

The bankruptcy filing of Lehman Brothers has sent shock waves through the financial world. Of necessity, this setback will be studied not only to remedy the current situation at Lehman Brothers but to insulate the market against such turbulence in the future.

The response of the McCain campaign has been sober and measured. McCain has proposed reform of trading regulations. Such legislation takes time and careful study to draft and to pass.

Obama wasted no time in thundering against the policies of the Republicans in Washington. He had almost nothing specific and constructive to say. Financial regulations are not only the product of successive Republican and Democratic administrations. They are also the end product of Congress and the President working together Click Here For Entire Story

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