Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What If Obama Had Been President Instead of Roosevelt ?

Every four years, the common people have a chance to assume a pivotal role in influencing the direction of the United States. Even if you accept the argument that the two parties are quite similar, the possibility of being turned out of office can make an incumbent solicitous of citizen's opinion. The President is not a mere figurehead. Day to day decisions about how to implement government policy are in the President's hands. If his party controls Congress, his powers are immeasurably increased. A Supreme Court appointee can influence the course of the nation for decades after after the President who appointed him has left office.

The hardships of the people in Iran is a direct outgrowth of the diplomatic efforts and the policies of Jimmy Carter, who has made his approval of Barack Obama widely known. Much of today's difficulties in the Middle East can be traced to his shockingly misguided foreign policy. He has undercut the united front traditionally shown by former Presidents of the United States shown to the political incumbent. He has conducted his own foreign policy. Only the world wide contempt for Carter has contained the damage caused by his efforts.

We know what Iran looks like, thanks to Carter's disastrous term in office. We know who Carter supports. What if a Carter" annointee" had been America's chief executive during World War Two ? Such "what if" history is the stuff of which interesting movies are made. One of these "what if" movies was "Fatherland" is a novel by British author Robert Harris which is set in a post war Europe in which Germany was victorious. A movie version was also produced.

America has had appeasers in every generation. Lindbergh was an appeaser before World War Two. Jimmy Carter has been in our time. And Barack Obama seems ready to inherit the mantle of capitulation that has been passed through the generations.

What would America look like if Obama had been President during World War Two, if his philosophy of governance had shaped our policy at that critical time? The opening sequence of "Fatherland " has an eerie feeling to it. This film clip also reminds me of what could have been if an appeaser like Obama had sat in Washington instead of Roosevelt.

You, the voter have the chance in November to make sure that chilling video clips like the opening one from "Fatherland" remain in the realm of fiction. It is up to you. Do the right thing.

"Fatherland" Opening Sequence"

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