Friday, October 3, 2008

1)Nazi Style Christianity Makes Its Way To American Schools (2)Obama’s Contract on Free Speech In America

One of the distinguishing features of Christianity in Nazi Germany was its revisionist Approach to the ancestry of Jesus. While traditional texts point to the Jewish ancestry of his mother, Nazi theologians rewrote biblical history so Jesus would have a Roman father and a Syrian mother.

Now , American textbooks with a leftist rather than socialist imprimatur have adopted the Nazi tactic of falsifying Christianity’s early history for political purposes.

According to World Net Daily there are now a host of textbooks that have adopted attitudes to Jews that run the gamut from dismissive to hostile. Even Scott Foresman , a major text book publisher has apparently put its presses at the disposal of individuals with a hidden agenda.

In a particularly outrageous example of biased history, a Scott Foresman textbookcalled “The World,” includes the following passage. ”

“Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus.”

There is a disturbing tendency among textbook producers to take adherents of Islam at their word, producing texts which glorify their faith without a critical counterpoint.

By contrast, Christianity and Judaism are treated with a megadose of skepticism that crosses the border into contempt. It seems as though radical Islam has supplanted revolutionary Christianity as the newest religious fad among the radical chic set. Its infiltration into textbook production is particularly disturbing. Instead of promoting critical and discerning thinking, clear patterns of preference and bias are emerging with disturbing frequency in school textbooks across the nation.

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Obama’s Contract on Free Speech In America

The Obama campaign has shown a disturbing lack of commitment to freedom of political speech. Letters on law firm stationery calling for McCain ads to be pulled , law enforcement in Missouri contacting political opponents of Obama and Obama’s notorious “truth squads”are egregious examples of the Obama campaign’s willingness to abuse the legal system to stifle political dissent.

The cancellation of Sarah Palin’s appearance at an anti Ahmadinejad rally was presented as a craven cave in to political pressure. According to political blogger Sultan Knish the truth is considerably more sinister.

Organisers of the rally were contacted by a law firm that advised them that a Palin appearance would jeopardise their tax exempt status. Such letters are rarely intended as friendly pro bono legal advice. This letter was no exception. Sultan Knish quotes the Jewish Telegraphic agency as follows.

“A former top IRS official warned Jewish groups that they would likely face a financial penalty and expensive audit process if they went through with plans to have the Republican vice-presidential candidate speak at an anti-Iran rally.

The warning came from Marcus Owens, a 25-year veteran of the Internal Revenue Service and the former director of its tax-exempt unit. According to the general counsel of the UJA-Federation of New York, it echoed the advice of several other lawyers.

Zimmerman’s version of events, confirmed by Owens, would appear to poke a major hole in the claim by right-wing critics that organizers of the rally were motivated primarily by partisan politics in deciding to disinvite Palin and other American elected officials.”

There is a problem with the JTA spin on the warning from Marcus Owens. It comes up in an examination of Owen’s resume. Owens is very concerned with the separation of non profit organisations from the political process. Unfortunately, his concern is tendentious and selective. According to Sultan Knish, he regularly protects liberal religious organisations on their political forays while selectively hamstringing conservatives of whom he disapproves with threats against their tax exempt political status.

According to Sultan Knish and Insight Magazine “The problem with this little charade by the Federation and the JTA is that the only named lawyer consulted here, Marcus Owens is very much a partisan source.

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