Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack Obama and the Murder of Abortion Survivors: The Carnage Continues

Does anyone remember all of the coverage of Barack Obama’s opposition to protecting babies aborted alive? He outdid even some of the more extreme abortion advocates. He denounced the questioning of his Illinois Senate record as “lies”:. If you live in Missouri and promote discussion of his positions on abortion, you probably will be told that these are “irrelevant” issues. Doesn’t it sound weird when your city’s District Attorney is telling you how to vote? It should sound downright scary, but if Obama is elected, it will sound very normal.

Does anyone remember Nixon’s paranoia? Does anyone remember the Watergate break in and how it brought him down? We have had plenty of warning with Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are criticised for “negative campaigning” while more aborted babies are gasping their last breaths without assistance. This medically sanctioned murder was blessed by Barack Obama as State Senator in Illinois. The footage attesting to the fact that this legally sanctioned infanticide of babies born alive after an abortion continues was shot in October after a blizzard of Obama denials.

According to this video, some babies accross Illinois can look forward to a fatal”October Surprise.” That is really what it is, being born and discarded like trash isn’t it? A baby born to term is calmed by being held. They absorb reassurance and love from those who clean, dress and hold them in their first moments of life. What are the emotions of a human being left to die on the floor? My mother once fell in her apartment. She was unable to get up. She was lonely and frightened, saddened as she lloked at her telephone, so close yet beyond reach. I have no doubt that she prayed for rescue with heartfelt eloquence.

Thank G-d we were able to rescue her. I was concerned when she was not answering my Saturday night weekly phone call. I called the super in her building. He set the wheels of rescue in motion, three time zones away from me. I will always remember the compassion of the nurse who sat in the emergency room with my mother as she was rehydrated on an IV drip. When I think of babies lying naked and shivering, waiting for a rescue that will never come, I think of my mother, who had the good fortune to have loving family that noticed her absence. I think often

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