Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joe Biden: Ducking Tough Questions and Asking For Your Vote

Those who are afraid of the truth try to shut down their opposition. Joe Biden had a tough interview with a television news reporter in Florida named Barbara West. She asked him tough questions about the Democrat's approach to economics and to foreign policy. It is precisely the advantage of a democracy that such questioning is encouraged. Reporters should be our representatives, asking questions on our behalf.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden seem to have a completely different view of the role of the press in a free society. During the interview, Biden seemed incredulous that he was not being given the pre-coronation treatment to which he had become accustomed.

"Are you joking? and "I don't know who's writing your questions." were among the astounded responses given by Joe Biden during the interview on WFTV.

An official act of retaliation for the brazen show of lese majeste was not long in coming.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Obama campaign has cut off all access to the Obama campaign by WFTV. The Obama campaign immediately cancelled a WFTV interview with Jill Biden, Joe Biden's wife, explaining as follows in a letter to the television station. "This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election".

The letter was signed by Laura K. McGinnnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

WFTV news director Bob Jordan explained, ""When you get a shot to ask these candidates, you want to make the most of it. They usually give you five minutes."

He noted that most campaigns pick and choose their preferred news outlets, who usually reward them with powder puff questions.

"Mr. Biden didn't like the questions." noted Mr. Jordan. ""We choose not to ask softball questions."

It is important to know when reading or viewing the news whether the responsibility of the reporter is to the interviewee or to the audience. Basic duties of politeness do not preclude a tough line of questioning. Previous American presidents have dealt with hostage crises and acts of terrorism. Those who were challenging our country whether at the World Trade Center or in Teheran or Baghdad did not care about the tender feelings of the chief executive. I do not want to expose Joe Biden or Barack Obama to rude insensitive people who will try to hurt their feelings and make them look bad. That is why I am voting for McCain and Palin.

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