Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain's Unheeded Warnings and Pelosi Payola

Back in 2006, John McCain wrote an eerily prophetic letter on Senate stationery. It is signed by 19 other U.S. Senators. Barack Obama absent from the ranks of the signers. The only signatories to the letter are Republicans. At a time when Barney Frank was assuring the public of Fannie and Freddie’s robust solvency, John McCain was asking probing questions that no one on the Democratic side of the aisle wanted to heed warnings.

By contrast, a chorus of Administration figures from Bush on down repeatedly warned the nation as early as April 2001. Who reassured us that all was well? Barney Frank, Charles Schumer and other Democrats. How did they use their influence? They blocked any effective regulations proposed by the Republicans.

Who will take effective remedial action if Obama is presiding over a Democratic Congress? ACORN is pushing night and day to get Barack Obama elected by any means, fair or foul. Acorn also pushed for some of the riskiest home mortgages, many of which are now in default.

We are being hypnotised with a mantra of change……change…… change……. against a backdrop of Obama’s rising poll numbers.

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Pelosi Payola

Nancy Pelosi, the woman who turned the lights out in Congress, is getting ready to call Congress into emergency session after the election in November to pass food stamp increases, unemployment extensions and possibly a tax rebate if Obama is elected, according to an article in My Way News.

According to the article “After consulting with Barack Obama, Democratic leaders are likely to call Congress back to work after the election in hopes of passing legislation that would include extended jobless benefits, money for food stamps and possibly a tax rebate, officials said Saturday.

The bill’s total cost could reach $150 billion.”

According to the article, Democrats are increasingly bullish on their election chances, even as pessimism gains traction with the public about the economy. The promise to convene after the election is predicated on massive Democratic victories. No word is given of what would happen if McCain wins. The $150 billion will come from a far less healthy tax base than existed even a few months ago. In the world of government, expenditures are solid, even though tax receipts are far less certain.

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