Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Comments on the Powell Endorsement / My Comments on Persecution of Christians

To the surprise of few, Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for president, passing over his contemporary, John McCain,who is only a few months older than he. Although it is politely said that Powell was a voice of moderation in the Bush administration, he was not very discreet about concealing his disagreements with his boss. His unhappiness in the Bush White House was a very poorly kept secret.

It was publicly announced before George Bush’s second nomination that Powell would not be attending. Powell made no secret of his support for affirmative action and for abortion. An argument could be made for creativity on the part of the Bush administration in choosing Powell on the basis of his military and foreign policy credentials alone.

Colin Powell evokes memories of Douglas MacArthur, who in 1951 was fired by President Truman for publicly disagreeing with him on matters of military policy. It is hard to believe that the “leaks of his disagreements with the Bush administration were accidental. Letting it be known that he is pro choice and pro affirmative action may not have been good for the Bush administration, but it was certainly good for Powell’s political credentials.

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Persecution of Christians Today

There is an issue that will be with us for some time, regardless of who is elected president in November. This issue is the physical safety of Christians in many parts of the world. In India, Christian missionaries have been murdered. In Pakistan, criticism of Islam in a religious discussion can carry capital charges of “defaming Islam”. Across the Islamic world, Christian girls have been abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam.

Africa’s religious demographics have been shaped by the west’s battle for the souls of its people. Both Islam and Christianity have sponsored conversion outreach efforts in Sub Saharan Africa.In some countries, the tension between Muslims and Christians is palpable. A tragic outgrowth of post election violence in Kenya was the destruction of over 800 churches and the death of over 1500 people.

The west has shaped Africa’s political map, roping together disparate tribes and ethnic groups for reasons of economic convenience. From Nigeria with its Biafran secession movement in the late sixties to Rwanda with its genocide of the Tutsi minority, the continent has known all too little peace.

Westerners have come to Africa for oil, for gold and for diamonds. Even today, human beings are bought and sold like cattle as the spoils of war. Even though we do not own slaves in America, the products of slave labour do reach America’s shores.

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