Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post Debate Comments and Observations

Obama spent so much time snickering during the debate, I couldn't remember any thing he said. All I could remember was his snickers. Then I thought of Snickers... Snickers!!! Then I had ... THE MUNCHIES !!!! OH NO !!!! What rhymes with hope ??? I dunno.. Got any change?

I was looking for a video of Barack Obama’s near constant snickering during the debate. It was so bad, I developed a craving for Snickers bars. The power of suggestion is unbelievable. Every time McCain spoke, he bowed his head and snickered. I was wondering what the joke was. I felt left out. I wasn’t in the in crowd. I mean, even the camera man was in on it.

Things got so bad, I asked my wife what she baked into the brownies, cause I sure didn’t inhale anything. She swore up and down, it was just cocoa, flour and Splenda.

It was then that I realised, Obama really does have power of persuasion. He’s a born salesman. there’s only one problem. He’s selling slogans with no substance. It’s like the food that they photograph for advertisements. If you break into the advertising studio and try to grab a bite, it’s usually rubber or wax. There’s no food, no nutrition. You stalk out of the studio feeling cheated.

And that’s how it is with Obama. He’s like a Rolls royce without the engine. He talked about hope and change. I ordered some Bob Hope movies and bought new socks. I even went to the flea market and bought a couple of old Buffalo nickels, so I’d have the other type of change. The man is a born salesman. I always buy something after Obama speaks.

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John McCain had one “zinger” moment during the debate. The rest of the time he ably advocated his campaign positions. The “zinger” moment was when he shot back at Obama “If you want to run against George Bush, you should have done so four years ago.” In doing so, he challenged Obama and the American people to match the soundness of the men and the soundness of their ideas.

A recurring and grating image throughout the debate was that of Obama looking down and snickering. It was a projection of a contemptuous attitude, the sort of facial expression worn by members of the “in crowd” in junior high school. I was waiting throughout the entire debate for Obama to let us all in on the joke, but he never did. Someone should have told Obama that he was not at one of Bill Ayer’s wine, cheese and brownie parties where everyone is in the same mindset.

John McCain by contrast looked straight at Obama. It seemed as though he were mentally noting holes in Obama’s logic and errors in his factual presentation. When he gave Obama backhanded compliments on his gift of gab, he expressed the thoughts of many that Obama was great with packaging but spotty on substance.

Someone should have told Obama that jotting on a notepad would have been far more effective than grinning and snickering. It would have conveyed the impression of a man thinking on his feet and attentive to his opponent.

I am waiting for a video to show up on You Tube of all of Obama’s snickers and smirks spliced together. It would make a nice sequel to the” Umm” videos.

The Kennedy Nixon debate was, it is generally agreed lost by Nixon on the basis of appearance and presentation. Kennedy was more versatile in his adaptation to the then novel medium of television. Nixon looked sweaty and nervous. Had the debate been on the radio, it would have been perceived far differently.

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