Friday, November 14, 2008

Bob Dylan In Catalan, A Musical Respite

These have not been easy times to be following the news. Although I understand some of Obama's supporters, I feel that some very dangerous ideas are going to be getting a sympathetic ear Sometimes you have to step back and recognise that a Greater Hand is at play in world events.

After the day is done, prayer is critical.

What do I do to unwind when I am tired to the bone? I like to turn to music. While poking around You Tube, my thoughts returned to Catalonia and its language, which has enjoyed a resurgence in post Franco Spain.

There was a recording from a singer named Gerard Quintana, who is a vocalist with a Catalonian rock band called Sopa de Cabra, which plays folk rock and sings in the Catalan language. It was oddly fortuitous, because I felt very connected to the feelings of sadness and concern for the future that are so eloquently voiced in the English original.

It occurred to me that a significant percentage of my readers may be unfamiliar with Bob Dylan's version of the song as well as Gerard Quintana's catalonian version. I have therefore included both for the listening pleasure of my readers.

Business and music bring together people of disparate ideas. I do not want my blogs to exclusively focus on politics. I fear that to do so would result in ideological stagnation, in stale and uncreative thinking. In the wee hours of morning, I need to stand up and stretch, to fill my lungs with different scents. Bob Dylan's music in Catalan accomplishes that for me.

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