Monday, November 3, 2008

My Personal "Fairness Doctrine" and Some Great Anti Obama Videos

I love advertising. Sometimes the struggle for the human mind at halftime is more interesting than the game it interrupts. Back in 1973, I was in East Berlin on May 2, the day after May Day. All of the decorations from May Day were still up. When you are a high school German student, it is a very interesting way to learn German. I still prefer translating good German rock songs, but the May Day slogans were a change of pace.

Western advertising focuses on creating a need for things. I am not critical of that, because the need for things keeps millions of people working and supporting their families.

Communist countries mainly advertise ideas. Consumerism is secondary in those societies. The idea of building a new society is what is sold to the people. It becomes a beautiful vision that so enthralls those who entertain it that they will imprison and murder anyone who gets in its way.

During election time, ideas are again marketed as a commodity to the people whose votes can make or break aspiring leaders. To me , the sale of ideas evokes echoes of May 1, when a dream and a vision is mounted on floats.

I don't know what is wrong with negative campaigning. If your opponent has bad ideas, say it. It he or she did bad things, say it. Then say why your candidate is good, and why his or her ideas are good. It is that simple.

This is a biased web site. I am in favour of John McCain. Anything that slams Obama is fair game here. I am not pretending to be a reporter. I am however looking forward after the election to returning to topics like Croatian rock music and endangered languages.

The top ad is an anti Obama ad. It gets personal. It talks about Obama wanting to spread the wealth around while he does nothing to help close family. He is lucky. He knows where is family is in Africa. But he ignores them, except when he is writing a book.

The ad at the bottom of this posting makes fun of fanatic Obama supporters. It really exaggerates, but that is what caricature is. I want to enjoy as much caricature as I can, before it gets outlawed under the fairness doctrine. My fairness doctrine is this. If you say that you are biased and you say what your bias is , then you are being fair. But if you say you are a reporter and you are really biased, then that is not fair. No one wants to write this up as a law. I don't either. Because anyone who enforces it will be biased themselves. I hope you enjoy my blatantly biased coverage. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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