Monday, November 10, 2008

A National Holiday for Obama?

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The elections are over. I was a strong McCain supporter. The citizens (both living and dead, real and imaginary) along with illegal aliens and pet goldfish have spoken.It is time to move on to the new issues facing our Obama Nation such as making November fourth a national holiday in honour of Obama's victory. There actually is an organisation in Kansas that is pushing to do this.

According to ,World Net Daily, "A civil rights organization in Kansas has launched a campaign to designate Nov. 4 as a national holiday, commemorating the election of Barack Obama as president.

"The reason why I want to have this holiday is because it marks the day America grew up," said Sonny Scroggins, founder and president of Bias Busters of Kansas, the organization pushing for the holiday."

According to WND, reactions in local newspapers have not been favourable.

Are you freakin kidding me?" asked one poster. "A national holiday for a guy who hasn't even shown if he can lead? He may be the president elect, but he hasn't even proven that he has what it takes to lead this country."

"I once thought it was required that a person be dead before they are memorialized," said another. "Oh, but we're speaking of the Savior, The Chosen One."

Americans have a tradition of not making saints of their leaders that has saved our democracy and preserved it well. We do not live in a monarchy but a Republic. Obama's enthusiastic supporters will be reminded repeatedly of that.

In honour of our new President elect, I am posting three videos which are artifacts of personality cults in other countries. From left to right they are as follows "Comrade Tito We Swear Our Lives To You", "The Peronist March" and "Lenin's Song."

I am posting these videos with the tentative hope that they will not be rewritten for Obama. Let them instead serve as a warning and a reminder to stay faithful to our democratic constitutional traditions.


Editor said...

Did anyone bring the Obama cake?

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

11/4 the day America grew up?

It's idiots such as the man or woman who made that statement that continue to dumb down America and expose the general national ignorance.

I suggest that 11/4/08 will join Dec. 7, 1941 as well as 9/11 as days that will be remembered as days of infamy in our history.