Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Post Election Satire: A Look At Ourselves

"I can do whatever I want " Obama Spoof Whatever you like original video

This video is a take off on a popular hip hop song " You can have whatever you want". The original video shows a superstar stopping off in a fast food place and giving the girl behind the counter his phone number. The main focus of the video is the young girl's fantasies of fame and fortune.

The spoof version has Obama flush with satisfaction at making history. It shows a wild optimism and excitement. All obstacles seem destined to melt in front of the fictional Obama's smug self assurance.

I imagine that the real Obama now realises that he has signed on for some daunting tasks. It is hard to imagine that he is as giddy and smug as he is portrayed in the video. Even with a majority in Congress, Obama faces a tough economy and a world that has become a rough neighbourhood.

The public who elected Obama is another story. Those who eagerly await a government gravy train are not only sitting in welfare offices but in corporate boardrooms as well. Union organisers should be giving unions a lease on life and credibility by cooperating with management in improving productivity. Instead they want to steamroll their way into shops across America by stripping union ballots of their secrecy.

Obama waged a tough and ruthless campaign. The voters have spoken. The confetti has been swept up. The champagne bottles have long been put in recycling bags. In past generations we had the benefit of sober counsel about "blood, sweat, toil and tears." Such voices are sadly lacking in this generation.

The voters had the facts available to them before Obama was elected. They made their choice. We can live with it. We have no choice. There are a lot of other choices we as citizens make between elections. Are we going to demand expensive "goodies"? Are we going to demand expensive tax rebates or golden parachutes? Are we goiung to quietly wink at more money being printed? Or are we going to consider the impact on the society and the economy of our expensive preferences.

We invest childish hopes in our leaders and deny the impact of our personal choices on society. Roe vs. Wade was passed by the Supreme court in 1973, legalising abortion in America. How many hundreds of thousands were aborted in that year? Had they lived, they would all turn thirty five this year. The majority would be working and paying into Social Security. If you add in every year since then in which individuals chose to abort, you have a major factor in America's economic equation. Our personal decisions have an impact on society. You can be an atheist and see the truth of this in entirely materialistic terms.

When I laugh at the Obama video with this posting, I am laughing at America's expectations of its leaders and its negation of personal responsibility. This attitude reaches from the shop floor to the board of directors, from the cradle to the nursing home.

Obama's slogan was "We are the people we've been waiting for." Where are we?


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

For the record, I and many, many people I know were not waiting on Obama.

Nor were we the people we were waiting for, whatever that means.

Magdeburger Joe said...

I voted against Obama. I live in anarea where most voted for him. To me, conservatism means taking personal responsibility. Obama was making pompous sounds when he said that, but I believe that the decisions we make as individuals carry a cumulative weight far greater than any decree or act of Congress. I pointedly brought up abortion as an example. I wanted among other things to distance myself from any thought that I was agreeing with Obama by turning one of his more idiotic slogans into something with actual meaning. I have a lot of respect for those states which supported McCain. I would like to move to one and claim political asylum

Right Truth said...

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

What the heck did he mean????

Doesn't matter, it's all hope and change.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth