Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory: Disturbing Reactions From Abroad

The motives of Obama's American supporters are understandable. Those on the left, however well intentioned recognised Obama as one of their own. The pride of African Americans in Obama's victory needs no explanation. Never again may it be said that white Americans will not elect an African American president. This will preempt any use of the race card in future elections.

Obama's European supporters are far more suspect in their motives for supporting Obama. the blog"Harry's Place" brings us this front page commentary from the centre right newspaper "Avriani" about Obama's victory. AVRIANI: “The anticipated victory of Obama in US elections signals the end of the Jewish domination - Everything changes in USA and we hope that it will be more democratic and humane”.

Greece was very efficient in getting rid of its Jewish population. Despite this, "Jewish domination" still makes their front pages. What do they know that American Jewish voters did not?
Adam Holland brought us the following cartoon from a Saudi newspaper on his blog.

The gist of the cartoon is that both candidates are Jewish puppets. It is interesting that their stereotypical Jew looks like he comes from an anti - zionist neighbourhood and not the type who would be seen at an Israeli day parade. I guess we all look alike.

I believe that the above cartoon represents a strategy more than it does a conviction. Behind closed doors, Israel's enemies probably challenge America's leaders to prove that they are not controlled by Jews. In any case, there are going to be a lot of people coming to Obama with wish lists. The headlines, videos and cartoons from abroad give us an idea of what is out there. They also make me puzzled about the degree of faith so many Jews had in Obama.

In the video below, Kenyans march in celebration of Obama's victory with an American flag flying upside down. Had they looked at the flag pin in Obama's lapel when he came to visit them, they would have seen that this was an incorrect way to display it.

I hope Obama will disappoint America's enemies and represent our country's interests without apology. The signals he has given thus far in his career have given encouraging signals to the wrong people I hope they are disappointed.

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