Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wakeup Call From Mumbai

Joe Biden made one statement during the campaign that has proven to be prophetic. He said that Obama would be tested within three months of becoming President. The only flaw in his prediction is that Obama was tested before being sworn in. The attack in Bombay Wednesday was a coordinated attack on multiple targets. British and American citizens in hotels were singled out. A Jewish centre run by the Lubavitcher movement was on the list of terrorist targets

The logic prevalent in our boycott worthy mainstream media is that we need to listen to these expressions of rage from the powerless and to address their grievances. Does anyone ever question what sort of world the terrorists would build if they got everything they demanded? The way they are behaving before achieving control of a state is a reliable indicator of what life would be like afterward under their rule.

There are terrorist cells and there are the people who applaud them. When a restaraunt is bombed or hostages taken in a school, there are neighbourhoods where people party in the streets in joyous celebration. News teams make pilgrimages to the homes of proud mothers of suicide bombers. These neighbourhoods are the “sea” in which the terrorist “fish” swim. These are the people who provide the financial and logistical support to those who carry out attacks. Intelligence services know about these support networks. These are the people whose lives should be made into a living hell as the terrorists themselves are picked off one by one.

If someone is known to be writing a check out to a terror organisation, let them wake up and find their bank account frozen. Let their property be subject to civil seizure on behalf of terror victims.

There should be no discussion of “legitimate grievances” with terrorists in India , the Middle East or anywhere else. It is a myth that every religious and language group must have its own state. A state in which decent people can differ in their personal lives and beliefs is what is needed for all. Anyone who cannot function in such a state, be it India with its 150,000,000 Muslims or America does not deserve to walk the streets as a free human being.

I stopped shopping years ago at a grocery with “Holy Land Foundation ” charity canisters at every cash register. The owners were supposedly devout Muslims who believed that everyone should follow Islam. This never stopped them from selling pork in their stores. I likewise see plenty of stores owned by religiously garbed Muslims selling pork, porn and alcohol. One such store had a picture of young men back home holding AK 47’s. I left my groceries on their counter and walked out.

I have nothing against practicing Islam or even preaching it. But when you sell items that your espoused faith prohibits to all and you collect money for those who kill Jews or “crusaders” then you show that the only thing you care about is killing and destroying.

When Denmark talks about prohibiting circumcision of minors, the Jews protest far more than the Muslims. But when cartoons are published portraying Mohammed in various satirical ways, then there are convulsions of anger across the Islamic world. The extremists would rather have a central practice of their faith outlawed than to make common cause with Jews.

I have met moderate Muslims who strived to build stable communities and families. Preserved in Jewish historical memory is the record of the Ottoman Turks taking in Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. The terrorists in Bombay bring shame to these decent people who espouse tolerant forms of Islam. They should be accorded no concession to their false professions of faith. They should be executed and wrapped in pig skins.

The terrorists in Bombay have shown the world the misery that they would bring to the world if they ever had a chance to build their twisted version of a caliphate. The timing of their attack in the formative stages of an Obama presidency is a wakeup call to be as ruthless in dealing with terrorism as ever before.

There is no guiding principle to the “Deccan Mujahideen” They should not be allowed to hide behind the Koran or any other holy book. The title that would best describe their outlook is that of a book from ste sixties, “Revolution For the Hell of It”.

The group that perpetrated the atrocities in Bombay must be ruthlessly crushed. Anyone who seeks to excuse them with “root causes” is simply an accomplice

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