Sunday, November 30, 2008

The West Under Attack

Lenin once sneered that a capitalist would sell you the rope to hang him with . The behavior of Islamic terrorists seems to be a reinvention of the west’s suicidal indulgence with its enemies. Unraveling the story of the terror attack, which reportedly took a year to plan must involve a look at how it was funded. The money trail it seems, leads to Great Britain.

Like Hamas in America with the Holy Land foundation, funds are raised in British mosques for shadowy organisations In Mosques where hatred of the west is openly preached and tolerated as a right of free speech, It should not surprise anyone that money is also openly collected for terror.

Contempt for the majority in countries to which Muslims immigrate has fueled violent crime that is rationalised by Muslim clergy. In Australia, after a series of gang rapes of Australian women by Lebanese immigrants, The Australian reports as follows.

“In a Ramadan sermon that has outraged Muslim women leaders, Sydney-based Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali also alluded to the infamous Sydney gang rapes, suggesting the attackers were not entirely to blame.

While not specifically referring to the rapes, brutal attacks on four women for which a group of young Lebanese men received long jail sentences, Sheik Hilali said there were women who “sway suggestively” and wore make-up and immodest dress … “and then you get a judge without mercy (rahma) and gives you 65 years”.

“But the problem, but the problem all began with who?” he asked.

The leader of the 2000 rapes in Sydney’s southwest, Bilal Skaf, a Muslim, was initially sentenced to 55 years’ jail, but later had the sentence reduced on appeal.

In the religious address on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?”

The overwhelming majority of anti-Jewish attacks in France are perpetrated by Arab immigrants. The crime wave they have brought with them of course affects all French people. The sensitive issues of illegal immigration, crime and polygamy which fuels an already high Arab birth rate are considered untouchable by mainstreampolitical parties, all of whom screech to a halt at the first cry of “racism”. Who benefits? The right wing political parties.

In Belgium, the Vlaams Belang is accused by the Belgian Social Democrats and others of Nazi leanings. even Jews who are being attacked today in the streets of Antwerp are increasingly supporting the Vlaams Belang, which is the only party to describe the reality on the street as seen by common people.

Islamic terrorism is far more virulent than communist subversion ever was. The attack in Mumbai was funded from London. Seven out of the ten identified terrorists had British passports. It is entirely legitimate to expect immigrants to respect the right of the majority to practice their faith and abide by the host nation’s laws. The west’s tolerance for “multiculturalism” has spawned a contempt that has now proven lethal.

Here is what must be done in Britain and America.

1) Follow the money trail to the terrorists and shut it off.

2) Keep suspected terrorists, including preachers who advocate violence under surveillance.

3) Deport violent criminals whether they are politically or monetarily motivated

4) Ban Polygamists from immigrating, and deport those who are here. Bigamy is a crime. Enforce the law.

5) Make sure that those who follow the law and function as lawful citizens are protected in their free exercise of faith.

Militant Islam has waged war on the west. It is time to stop pretending otherwise. The war was not declared by the west. But we can not walk away from it

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