Thursday, November 6, 2008

Will Obama Usher In European Political Correctness?

The following news items came to me from Political Correctness Watch, a British blog that highlights the deep inroads political correctness has made in that country. I did not make this up.

“Owners of fat cats and obese dogs could be fined or jailed under controversial Government rules. New beefed-up codes of practice for pet owners published today state that overfeeding pets is a ’serious welfare concern’ that can lead to unnecessary suffering. People who refuse to put seriously fat pets on a diet could be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act - and face a fine of up to 20,000 pounds or even 12 months’ jail.”

According to the story, common sense is written into law, making the law books sound like pet care manuals.In the wake of 9/11, America passed the Homeland Security Act. It will now be Barack Obama who will be setting the tone for the use of these laws. Great Britain also passed similar laws in the aftermath of their numerous brushes with terrorism. Their anti terrorism legislation, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, has been put to some interesting uses by various city governments in Great Britain. According to Political Correctness Watch , More than half of town halls admit using anti-terror laws to spy on families suspected of putting their rubbish out on the wrong day. Their tactics include putting secret cameras in tin cans, on lamp posts and even in the homes of ‘friendly’ residents. The local authorities admitted that one of their main aims was to catch householders who put their bins out early. Many councils have been spying on residents and fining them if they put rubbish out on the wrong day.

Those of us who live in New York City are especially fearful of our city government taking a page from the British. We do after all have a trans fat ban in effect and some very resourceful fund raising in the form of ticket blitzes.

Since Christmas is coming up, it is only fitting to mention the British town of Oxford’s latest foray into political correctness

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