Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Gaza Offensive, A Reaction From the "Jewish Street"

Israel has finally responded in a way that makes sense after daily threats to its survival. The recent air attacks on Gaza followed an unsuccessful policy of "Turning the other cheek" that was treated with contempt

According to digitaljournal.comIsrael is continuing to send humanitarian aid to Gaza, to cities in which there was dancing in the streets in the aftermath of past attacks on civilians. Despite this, the crescendo of condemnation and calls for revenge are coming from around the world. There is vigilance not only throughout Israel but around the world where anyone identifiable as a Jew is considered to be a representative of the "Zionist Entity".

When Avraham and Rivka Holzberg were murdered, there had been no Gaza offensive. During the Farhud (or Arab anti Jewish pogroms) in 1941 there was no State of Israel. In 1929 in Hebron, there was no State of Israel and the Arabs murdered anti Zionist Jews who were reconciled to dhimmi status.

We are hearing about anger in the Arab Street . This is a tired phrase that is intended to evoke fearful images ofthe enraged Arab masses rising up in full fury. In the interest of equal time, I want to speak of the "Jewish street". In the "Jewish Street, the sense is developing that there will be rage directed at us no matter what we do to be "nice". We are continually urged to "take risks for peace". We are supposed to feel Arab pain at the accidental death of Arab bystanders. Meanwhile, an Arab who killed a four year old Jewish girl was released into the arms of joyous crowds at home in Lebanon, where a national holiday is declared in his honour. (See video with this posting.)

Here is word from the "Jewish street." I am numb from recounting the Jewish victims of a blood lust that will never be sated. I am sick to death of watching videos of Arabs passing out candy and celebrating as Jewish mortuary volunteers pick up body fragments from the streets. I am livid with rage at suicide bombers for defiling the remains of their victims by dying among them.

Here is the word from the "Jewish street" from an ignorant Jew with only three months of yeshiva to his credit.

I learned in Yeshiva that if you say a blessing and I say amen that I get credit for your blessing as much as you do. This way, a whole room of people can get the reward of a blessing uttered by one person.

I am going to be purely logical. In the "Arab Street" it is considered to be a "mitzvah" to kill Jews as much as it is for a Jew to say a blessing over bread. I see your preachers stressing this all the time. When people gather in the street to celebrate a four year old Yahudi girl being grabbed by her legs and being smashed against rocks, then they are, after a fashion saying "amen" to the "mitzvah". I am sure that if somewhere a Hamas sympathiser is reading this, he or she will not contest my logic.

So to review this logical progression if someone says "amen" to a blessing on a mitzvah, they get the same credit as the person who actually did it. Since the streets of Beirut and Gaza City fill up daily with people saying "amen" to the murder of Jews, then they should get credit for the same mitzvah as the chromosomal human who waves his bloody hands in the air to cheering crowds. Since G-d decides what is and what is not a mitzvah, let him judge them according to the frenzied "amen" that they shout in the streets of their cities and towns.

Here is the word from the "Jewish street". If you are going to kill us no matter what, we may as well do whatever is logical for our survival. We may as well take out the murderers and their cheering groupies who scream "amen" and pass out candies in the street. Because their gonna bitch no matter what we do.

As Bonnie Raitt said in her famous country song, " Let's Give 'em Something to Talk About."


Findalis said...

For some reason all day yesterday and today I wanted to dance around and pass out candy. I know we shouldn't rejoice at the deaths of our enemies, but it felt good!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I do not say this to offend .. I do accept that the Jewish people have had a tough time over the past few thousand years .. BUT .. am I the only person to see a horrible 'similarity' between the current Gaza 'Prison' and the infamous 'Warsaw Ghetto' ?

People 'driven from their homes and collected in a sealed Ghetto' ?

I am a mere Christian, so I guess you can ignore me .. but we are taught that 'two Wrongs do not make a Right' .. please tell me what Israel hopes to achieve in the long term ?

Surely nobody seriously thinks it is posibble to will 'wipe out' all traces of Palestinian identity ? From my perspective this 'onslaught' is making things a lot worse .. surely it will take generations for the children of Gaza to forget these events.

Granted the Hamas rhetoric and Rocket attacks are equally repugnant, but 'who cast the first stone' ?

This is a serious response to your post, and I would genuinely love to read an equally serious and thoughtful answer. Please Educate me if you have a sincere wish to get the wider world on your side.

Magdeburger Joe said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your comments are so commonplace, I am actually answering them in today's posting (12/29/08)