Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Concerning Immigration, Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos in the Last Days of the Bush Presidency

President Bush has been giving interviews to journalists, hoping to be remembered as a likable guy. I have been pretty loyal to him up until now. He seems to be motivated in his conservatism by religious beliefs, conveying such convictions with an earnest, heartfelt quality.

Unfortunately, in his effort to “reach across the aisle”, he has been alienating his home base and providing a vivid illustration of why the Republicans got trounced in the last election.

There are two immigration agents who are serving eleven and twelve year terms for shooting at a fleeing drug smuggler who was given immunity for testifying against them. Their names are Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. They were guarding a dangerous border and making snap decisions about fleeing felons. Could they have violated established procedures? Perhaps they might have, but considering the sort of individual that was granted immunity to testify against them, they certainly deserved the benefit of the doubt. A letter of reprimand in their personnel file would have been debatable but politically expedient. Jail time for these hard working and brave men is an obscenity.

Bush has pardoned common criminals and even turkeys. (Yes, I’m talking ab out the big birds.) For Ramos and Compean, Bush has shown no mercy.

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Unfortunately,George Bush has shown less sympathy for his two border patrol agents than he showed turkeys and common criminals.

World Net Daily paints a disturbing picture of presidential indifference two the two border patrol agents and their suffering families. It reports as follows.

“President Bush has extensively discussed his immigration reform policy in exit interviews and given a $60,000 bonus to a Border Patrol chief who has been criticized for not supporting Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean – but he refuses to talk about whether pardons could be in store for the imprisoned agents.”

The agent who received the $60,000 dollar bonus was the focus of a no confidence petition signed by 100 top leaders of the border patrol. One of the reasons cited by the signers of the petition was his lack of support for Campean and Ramos.

T.J Bonner, head of the border patrol agent’s union issued a statement that read in part as follows.

“Front-line Border Patrol agents who risk their lives protecting our borders have every reason to expect that the leadership of their own agency will support them. When this does not occur, and instead they are undermined by their so-called leaders, no one should be surprised when they express a loss of confidence in those managers.”

Bush showed insensitivity not only to the two imprisoned border patrol agents but to American workers.

“I don’t like it when the law is so antiquated that people who are willing to do hard work become contraband, they get stuffed in the bottom of 18-wheelers in order to come and do a job that others aren’t willing to do. I don’t think that’s right,” Bush said.

President Bush overlooks the way a market economy functions in a country ruled by law. Americans are not averse to any job at all, especially in these difficult times. Americans are averse to being underpaid. Immigrants are being brought in to hammer down American wages. It is that simple. Leaving our border with Mexico porous and flimsy is an economic decision, not a logistical one. Furthermore, liberals assume that those who come in from Mexico and beyond are more likely to vote for the Democrats.

Instead of identifying transcendent values and interests that unite Americans, may politicians prefer to pander to ethnic blocs instead of explaining and persuading skeptical voters.

It is possible to seal and monitor our national borders. It is also possible to fairly and efficiently administer our immigration laws. It is the failure to carry out these functions of immigration administration that endangers lives.

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