Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear Readers

It has been a rough couple of days. The site with which I am associated, American Sentinel is temporarily down. I do not know how quickly it will be back up. They are a great bunch of guys. Paul Zannucci, the site founder taught me a great deal about composition and working in a blog medium. I had no paid professional writing experience. He has been like a college professor. May G-d grant him a blank check inscribed with everything he could want . As we say in Yiddish, he should have gezunt, parnosso and nachas, which translates as health, wealth and joy from family.

The AS crew runs the spectrum of conservative thought. They encompass a wide experiential and ideological range. Corresponding with them behind the scenes has taken me out of New York City. I have had the opportunity to visualise a different audience when writing on the same blog as them. That is a helpful mental exercise.

The support of the AS crew for Israel has been truly touching. It is a welcome contrast to some of the hatred out there.

Between Magdeburger Joe and Rudi Stettner, I have about 180 posts that continue on American Sentinel, which is now down. I have been given permission to put the missing half of the articles on my sites in their entirety. This is a tedious process that should with G-d's help be completed by February 1. If there is an article that you want put up earlier, send me an e mail and let me know. I apologise to my readers for the inconvenience.

My plans remain to keep publishing at least on my own sites with G-d's help indefinately and to b'ezrat Hashem actually get paid eventually for writing about the same topics that comprise my topical range.

I feel a sense of duty to remain at my post. Critical subjects such as smurf videos in Czech, dying languages, micronations and East German Soccer songs would not have their place on the internet if not for me.

I hope that my readers will be patient with me during this challenging time.

Good Shabbos

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