Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free Corsica !!! (European Union Hypocrisy Towards Israel)

It is a mitzva in the Torah not to even possess two sets of weights and measures, let alone to use them. In trade, one must employ a single unit of measure.

The English translation of the relevant section of parshas Ki tetze (Deuteronomy 25:13) reads as follows.

"You shall not have in your pouch alternate weights, larger and smaller. You shall not have in your house alternate measures, a larger and a smaller. You must have completely honest weights and completely honest measures, if you are to endure long on the soil that HaShem your G-d is giving you. For everyone who does those things, everyone who deals dishonestly, is abhorrent to HaShem your G-d".

Israel is being judged by standards never adhered to by any nation. It has endangered its own soldiers to minimise casualties among civilians who are used as human shields by cowardly Hamas goons.

It has even sent humanitarian aid into areas under attack while its own cities are shelled. With all of the precautionary measures it has taken to minimise loss of innocent life, It is condemned as Nazi like and barbaric.

If the Arabs living in the Holy Land are being supported by the European Union in their struggle for a state, then fairness dictates that the stateless peoples of Europe must also have their way as well.

It is only fair that the struggles of captive nations in Europe be highlighted. In that spirit, I am declaring my solidarity with the people of Corsica, whose peaceful island in the Mediterranean Sea is under illegal occupation by France. The language of this beautiful island is not French but Corsican, a language that looks and sounds far more like Italian than it does like French.

Since 1976, the National Front For the Liberation of Corsica has waged a struggle against the French occupation. When I read of an Arab who fights Israel by bashing in a four year old child's head, and is then welcomed as a national hero in Lebanon, then I become numb to sectarian violence in Europe that seems almost chivalrous by comparison.

Indeed, the Arab custom when there is a willful massacre of civilians is to honk car horns and pass out candies in the street.

The Corsicans have their own language and proud history. I am so accustomed to the Arab standards of what is acceptable, that I must praise the Corsicans for their relative gentleness. So if innocent people are killed by accident, excuse me for sounding a little jaded when I compare it to violence in the Middle East and react very mildly.

If the European Union is willing to condone attacks on civilians to demoralise Israel into surrender, then surely the same standards could be applied to other conflicts.

The Corsican freedom fighters have never shot at school buses or attacked schools like the Arabs have in Israel. So I see fit to honour the various national liberation movements operating in countries that begrudge the State of Israel reasonable measures for its existence, peace and security.

Perhaps I should be shocked when separatist violence hits the European Union. But I am sorry. Every few years, Israel is coaxed into releasing more terrorists with blood on their hands who have committed crimes that it spoils my day to even think about. When we take normal measures to defend ourselves, there are demonstrations condemning us as Nazis.

So when I hear that you all are having a liberation struggle within your borders, I will give you the same advice you give Israel. Trade land for peace!! Let the people of Corsica have self determination !! And if someone is killed in a separatist bombing attack, be sure to free the perpetrator after a few years. This is the same advice you give us. So now I'm throwing it back at you. Free Corsica !! Free Catalunya ! Free Scotland !!! The list goes on and on of captive nations in Europe. Until you give them all independence, leave Israel the hell alone.


I hope my readers will enjoy the musical selection from the Corsican freedom struggle

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