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Gazan Arabs Basking in Pity: Black Africa Remains Forgotten

The attention of the world is focused on Gaza. Israel has been scrutinized according to standards never before employed in warfare. It has actually called terror leaders on their cell phones and given them five minutes to leave their targeted hideouts in an effort to kill them without injuring their families. Although Hamas makes a regular practice of hiding among civilians, Israel has risked the lives of its own soldiers to protect Arab civilians.

Israel continues to ship humanitarian supplies into Gaza, yet it is roundly condemned as being comparable to the Nazis. Even in war time, it allows a level of freedom to critics, both Arab and Jewish that is hard to imagine or explain.

The best example of how the facts on the ground, even when favorable to Israel are twisted to Israel’s detriment comes sadly enough from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Israel National News reports the storyof Tal Nitzan, a doctoral candidate at Hebrew University, who has come up with a novel way of proving the racism of Israeli soldiers. He alleges that the failure of Israeli soldiers to rape Arab women is an effort to dehumanize them.

His ludicrous claims are detailed by Israel National News as follows. (I do not have a sufficiently twisted sense of humor to caricature Israel’s detractors better than they do themselves.)

( A research paper that won a Hebrew University teachers’ committee prize finds that the lack of IDF rapes of Palestinian women is designed to serve a political purpose.

“The abstract of the paper, authored by doctoral candidate Tal Nitzan, notes that the paper shows that “the lack of organized military rape is an alternate way of realizing [particular] political goals.”

The next sentence delineates the particular goals that are realized in this manner: “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be seen that the lack of military rape merely strengthens the ethnic boundaries and clarifies the inter-ethnic differences - just as organized military rape would have done.”

The paper further theorizes that Arab women in Judea and Samaria are not raped by IDF soldiers because the women are de-humanized in the soldiers’ eyes.

The paper was published by the Hebrew University’s Shaine Center, based on the recommendation of a Hebrew University professors’ committee headed by Dr. Zali Gurevitch.

“I do not have the entire text in front of me,” Gurevitch said, when contacted by Arutz-7, “and I don’t think we can jump to conclusions based on partial sentences, but I can say the following: This was a very serious paper that asked two important questions: Is the relative lack of IDF rapes a noteworthy phenomenon, and if so, why is it that there are so few IDF rapes when in similar situations around the world, rape is much more common?”

How many people in the Congo civil war would love to have a “racist” enemy like the Israelis?

According to Reuters Alert Net 5.4 million people have been killed in the Congo conflict since 1998. At least 40,000 women and girls have been raped as well.

According to Google Answers,the total number of all deaths in all of Israel’s wars, combined with terrorist incidents and skirmishes between wars since 1948 is around 120,000. In ten years, the Congo death toll has exceeded the Israel death toll for sixty years by over forty to one. On top of this is a level of brutality and cruelty in the Congo that horrifies seasoned observers, along with an AIDS crisis that is ravaging the population.

You could be excused for thinking that the UN is needed to solve the Congolese humanitarian crisis. Unfortunately, UN troops have joined the long list of abusers and plunderere who have blighted the lives of the Congolese.

According to the Washington Post, “The United Nations is investigating 150 instances in which 50 peacekeeping troops or civilians in the Congo mission are suspected of having sexually abused or exploited women and girls, some as young as 12.

Often, the victims were vulnerable, poverty-stricken girls engaged in what Congolese call “obligation” or “survival” sex. In this war-shattered society, aid workers and counselors said, a breakdown of cultural norms, combined with extreme poverty, has driven hundreds of kidogo usharatis to the soldiers’ doorsteps.

Similar charges have been made about U.N. missions in Sierra Leone and Liberia, as well as Kosovo and Bosnia in Europe.

The United Nations is also investigating reports of rape or sexual assault in Congo, including one case in which a French logistics employee was found with hundreds of videotapes that showed him torturing and sexually abusing naked girls. Last week, U.N. officials announced they had fired one employee and suspended six others from among 17 civilian staff members being investigated in the Congo abuses.”

If you can’t trust the UN, who on earth can you trust ? The government of Myanmar came up with a unique answer: Israel.

The Real Israel blog reports as follows.

Following last weekend’s deadly cyclone in Myanmar, which has left at least 22,500 dead, the IsrAid organization, which sends help to foreign countries in need, will be sending to Myanmar a highly trained search-and-rescue team and a 10-member team of doctors and nurses. The teams will bring with them crucial supplies, including plastic sheeting, food, household appliances and water filters.

The Foreign Ministry will be sending an initial $100,000 aid package comprising medicine and medical equipment to Myanmar in the next few days. The emergency aid relief is a combined effort with the Jewish Joint Organization. However, Israel is planning to send additional aid to Myanmar soon.”

Why did the Myanmar government which is known to be reclusive and paranoid allow the Israelis in? Israel’s humanitarian rescue missions are known to be free of the sort of abuse that is rampant during many UN missions. I suppose Tal Nitzan would say that this is a sign of racism. Most people outside of the halls of academia seem to think that Israel’s behavior is praiseworthy.

The world community in general has expressed through its United Nations deliberations a distorted set of priorities. True instances of genocide in places like the Congo, Sierra Leone and Rwanda are given little attention while a conflict with body count that is a tiny percentage of the total casualties in Africa’s wars is portrayed as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Israel is portrayed as a racist apartheid state by the same Arab world that ignores the enslavement and murder of black Africans in Sudan and Mauritania. by their Arab minority ruling classes.

How should the world’s aspiring peace keepers prioritize the world’s conflicts? I would think that body count plus brutality would be a good formula. It is painfully clear that this formula has not been used. What is worse is the fact that UN troops are feared as rapists and plunderers in many areas in which they are deployed. It sometimes seems that conflicts which play themselves out are solved better than those in which the UN and the international community is involved.

The UN is almost 64 years old. Although it is regarded as the world’s watch dog, it has a long established record as such of biting the baby and guarding the intruder. The United Nations is a watch dog with no teeth. It is suffering from advanced dementia. It is a public menace. Put it to sleep.

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