Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Notes To My Readers on J Blog Central and elsewhere

Israel Forum has been a source of great encouragement ind information. My last post, "How and When To Beat Your Wife" that they put up for ratings was cut down to a single sentence. As a result it got a one star rating. It was a long article, I spent hours on it. I hope that readers who connect to my article through J Blog Central will look at it on my site instead of glancing at the single sentence that appeared and blasting it with a low rating. This is what has occurred. I had no control over the RSS feed mishandling it. Please understand that.

In our troubled times, sometimes flashes of paranoia creep into our daily contact with one another. I sometimes get comments with urls. and links. Such comments are very likely to languish in my 'in" box for long periods of time. Unless I know the site, I will often reject the comment for the protection of my readers. There is little doubt that the innocent have suffered censorship, including some comments sympathetic to my point of view. Traffic has quite frankly been slow lately. My site meter seems very sleepy. It is with reluctance that I reject any comment at all.

The second type of comment that gets delayed but NOT rejected is one that is opposed to my opinions. I will often hold such a comment until I can post a reply at the same time. On occasion, I have even cut and pasted a comment into an article and put it in my article of the day. I like to promote dialogue. Posting a comment without a reply might imply that I have no answer. I do not like to leave the reader with that impression.

Profanity or advocacy of illegal acts is a sure ticket to comment rejection. I have a legal responsibility for my site content. That is why I screen comments.

There is one guy named Ted who posts well reasoned comments that question Obama's constitutional fitness for office. I agree with his comments. When they are totally unrelated to the article he is commenting on, then I treat them as spam and reject them. Ted is very well spoken on this one issue. I have saved the e mails with his comments. I may well post them with comments of my own. No hard feelings Ted. I am also opposed to Obama. I am fighting the battle issue by issue. Keep doing what you are doing, but try to stay on topic.

I am spread very thin writing for my own two blogs along with The American Sentinel. They are a great bunch. I have learned a lot in style and informationally from them. Their Israeli coverage is superb.

I am trying to find places to post and promote my articles. I would welcome any ideas on this. My "self promotion department" has been closed for a while. I would also welcome general constructive criticism.

I thank my readers for their support. Especially in times of low ratings, I value each reader and their opinions

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Maggie Thornton said...

I'm longing for the days of RCP:-) I hope they come back. Liberally bent for sure, but a wonderful forum for bloggers.