Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hillary Clinton Back to Her Old Ways

Back in the days when Hillary Clinton was First Lady, she had a reputation to match her husband's as both ruthless and unprincipled. After her husband brought Arafat and Rabin to the White House lawn to sign a peace accord, it was Hillary who kissed Suha Arafat on the cheek. Hillary came to the New York State race for US senator with the baggage of her husband's record and reputation. She legitimately replied that she should be judged on her own record. New Yorkers gave her a chance. She proved to be capable at expressing the concerns and priorities of her constituency. She also became a vocal supporter of Israel.

Under Barack Obama, Clinton seems to be learning the new rules of the game very quickly. Despite Israel's extraordinary efforts to supply humanitarian aid to Gaza, Hillary has condemned Israel for slowing down the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. According to American Headline News,"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized Israel for placing obstacles to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Ahead of Clinton's visit, special U.S. envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is expected to issue a statement on the matter, saying, "Israel is not making enough effort to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza...the U.S. expects Israel to meet its commitments on this matter."

Hillary has been criticised by Jewish leaders for turning her back on her principles. I disagree. Hillary Clinton believes in Hillary Clinton. She believes in what pays her bills. She is impassioned about whatever advances her career. If her next step on the political tightrope required supporting fascism, she would shift gears with deftness. If she were offered enough money, she would support ceding New York to the Dutch royal family as a gift to the people of the Netherlands. Hillary Clinton can not be criticised for betraying her core principles. She has no core principles. Hillary Clinton is like a good computer. She will run whatever is downloaded and installed, and she will do it well.

Israel should do whatever it has to do to survive . And it should pray. Israel is being deserted by long standing allies, but not by G-d. The Jewish nation has faced daunting challenges before. It has survived until now, and it will with G-d's help survive yet again. Hillary has sold us down the river. Shady trees have withered, leaving us to trek in the hot sun. Life will go on. We must thank G-d for the strength he gives us to fight and survive. And we must use that strength.

There is a tradition in a monarchy when a king dies he is succeeded immediately, usually by his son. At such a time one says, "The king is dead. Long live the king !" So it is with friends. They come and they go. The G-d who sends them is eternal. Let's not forget that.

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