Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thoughts About Pope Benedict, Jews and Israel

I am watching with some puzzlement the reports in the media about Pope Benedict. Bishop William Richardson, who he readmitted to the Catholic church along with three other bishops was not simply letting slip ill considered remarks. The Bnai Brith web site contains extensive material collected from the Pius X Society, which is the official name of the sect in which Richardson held a prominent position.

The Pius X Society has a long history of not only theological antipathy to Judaism but a hostility that colours their views of contemporary history. This is exemplified by the following quotation from an article printed in Angelus magazine.

"Judaism is inimical to all nations in general, and in a special manner to Christian nations�. The Jewish people, if it has not converted to Christianity, will, even if it does not wish to, seek to ruin Christianity� Christendom and Jewry are destined inevitably to meet everywhere without reconciliation or mixing. It represents in history the eternal struggle of Lucifer against God, of darkness against the Light, of the flesh against the spirit."
-- "The Mystery of the Jewish People in History" by Rev. Frs. Michael Crowdy & Kenneth Novak (originally printed in the April 1997 issue of The Angelus magazine).

The following quotation actually endorses the infamous burnings of the Talmud.

"As once they treated Christ, ever since, to persecute Christianity is their theological preoccupation. This theological law is stronger than all human plans and expedients. The Jewish people realizes this law. The law contained in the Talmud, which governs Jews, orders enmity with Christians�.The Talmud got particularly virulent after Christianity appeared. Insolent and sacrilegious infamies against Christ and Christians were written into it, which is why copies were burnt by order of Christian rulers and popes."
-- "The Mystery of the Jewish People in History" by Rev. Frs. Michael Crowdy & Kenneth Novak (originally printed in the April 1997 issue of The Angelus magaine).

The Pius X Society is not simply mired in reevaluating the past. They have an agenda for today, as shown in the following quotation .

"Unquestionably one main grievance of Arabs against the United States, provoking their terrorists to lash out as we have seen, is the United States' one-sided favoring of Israel over the Arabs for the last forty years. But each time the United States attempts to act even-handedly towards the Arabs, Jewish power inside the United States - e.g. virtual control of finance and the media - blocks the attempt, and the United States returns to oppressing the Arabs."
-- "WTC � The Scourge of Sin" by Bishop Richard Williamson,
October 1, 2001

It seems demeaning to plead with Pope Benedict to reconsider the steps he has taken to legitimise open anti- semitism in the Catholic church. It is beneath contempt for any Jew to continue to whitewash the mainstreaming of Jew hatred that has taken place.

There are traditionalists who prefer the Latin Mass whose politics might be considered liberal, who entertain no hatred of Jews. My mother was such a person. She also felt that the permission priests had to marry a thousand years ago should be reinstated. Indeed, Greek Catholic priests to this day are allowed to be married.

I feel that doctrinal issues should be of no concern to Jews. I do not care for the most part about the theology of other religions. But when the followers of a faith are inflamed to acts of violence and hatred by what is preached in their house of worship, then it is a matter of general concern.

"Anti zionism" has taken its mask off. Enemies of Israel do not need much prodding before their hatred of Jews in general comes out. If someone really believes that Jews should leave Israel, then a Jew in Venezuela, Paris or Mumbai would represent a solution to the "Middle East problem. This is not apparently the case.

Jews in Sderot and Ashdod are not being shelled from territory taken in conquest. Missiles are being launched from territory handed over in a negotiated agreement. The Palestine Authority has made only tactical concessions. At every opportunity it converts negotiated concessions to an advantage in armed struggle.

The diplomats who urge us to "take risks for peace" are costing Israel lives. They are not "honest brokers" dealing with two parties seeking an agreement. They are securing militarily useful territory to be handed over to Israel's enemies.

I long for open enemies. I detest false friends. The Pius X Society is at least honest about who they are and what they believe. Ahmadinejad says he wants to wipe out Israel. I believe him. It is against individuals like him that we are commanded by G-d to have armies ready.

Hamas has the same commitment to wipe out Israel. All the Obama administration wants to do is teach them some manners so they can talk us into treading water instead of pushing us into the sea.

With G-d's help, we have prevailed in battle. Our darkest moments came with the help of Jewish collaborators like Warsaw Ghetto Commander Chaim Rumkowski, diplomat Martin Indyk, Hungarian collaborator Rudolf Kastner and Daniel Kurtzer.

Jews in the Warsaw ghetto were told by the Judenrat that trains would take them to be "resettled." They were facilitators of genocide. Who of us can stand in their shoes and judge them? They thought that if they sacrificed a few Jews, that they could save some lives. In the end they were duped.

The "roadmap for peace" is as much a lie as any of the stories told to the Jews who boarded trains out of the ghettoes of Nazi Europe. Chaim Rumkowski and Rudolf Kastner were trying to save their own lives and those of loved ones. Kurtzer and Indyk are trying to save their careers.

Israel has some honest enemies like Ahmadinejad in Iran, Hamas and Fatah. These enemies are able to do far more damage when they work with diplomats.

I do not want to argue with people like my mother who are nostalgic for some "old time religion." I also do not want to toss Pope Benedict a fig leaf for the vile Jew hatred of his new found friends in the Pius X Society. If he is admitting them to the Catholic Church, then he is including their bigotry as an acceptable option for Roman Catholics.

The only "dialogue" with members of other faiths should revolve around individual issues. There are orthodox Jews who work with Christians in the Right to Life movement. I applaud that. Some people want to promote prison reform or fair labour practices. This also provides common ground for people of disparate backgrounds.

I want laws that will provide tuition vouchers for parents who want a religious education for their children. This is of great interest to Jews to Catholics as well as fundamentalist Protestants.

There is a real problem today with the persecution of Christians, not only in Muslim countries but in China, North Korea and India as well. I want to have a united front in their defense, simply because it is the right thing to do.

Working together on specific issues will create unity far more than theological dialogue.

Changing the beliefs of individuals who harbour prejudice is a long term proposition with no certain outcome. If a Catholic, Muslim or anyone else harbours prejudice towards Jews, a single conference or meeting will not likely change it.

Israel's enemies have demonstrated their unwillingness to lay down arms. It is a waste of time and precious lives to pretend otherwise.

Much of the dialogue and peace talks taking place today involve pleading with our enemies to lie to us. And that is pitiful

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