Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Jerusalem Bulldozer Attack: Some Thoughts and Lessons

Yet again there was a bulldozer attack in Jerusalem. It was resolute and purposeful. It was not a glancing blow but a path that was optimally calculated to maximise civilian casualties. The world wants to believe that it was an accident. They want us to overlook the open Koran in the glove compartment. What surah was it opened to? That's a very interesting question. It is also an unanswered question that would provide interesting insights into the mind of the man at the wheel.

Stories abound of Arab workers abusing their trust. From pouring cement in finished drains to urinating in food, this is the thanks Jews get for providing work that pays far better than jobs in neighbouring Arab countries. It is a well concealed and cunningly executed hatred. When the world asks us to ignore it,when they ask us to placate our tormentors, they are far more insidious than those who told us we would be going to agricultural training schools for resettlement in rural areas in Nazi Europe. Chaim Rumkowski and Rudolf Kastner have nothing on our modern day betrayers who would sell a piece of the Western Wall to have their picture taken with Obama.

Any sane person would expect us to take normal measures to protect ourselves. Are we living in insane times? I do not believe so. We are living in wicked times. But our enemies are sane, very sane. The cunning proponents of negotiation and territorial concession are well aware that their proposals are suicidal. They are keenly aware that in their own countries, public patience would have long ago been exhausted.

We are held to an absurd standard by which a social snub or a bigoted remark is given the same weight as a murderous attack. We are condemned in withering terms as rivers of blood flow in sub Saharan Africa, from Sudan to the Congo, from Mauritania to Sierra Leone. The United Nations serves as a useless watchdog that bites the baby and licks the hands of plundering marauders. Their troops have a record of rape that touches every refugee camp they have ever opened and run. They are worse than useless.

Any sane person is not surprised by what I say. I am recounting the painfully obvious so the unceasing drumbeat of slander and duplicity will not sound normal to me . I am attempting to remind myself and my readers of the painfully obvious so that the lies of our generation will not become the history of tomorrow.

There is a Judaeo Christian ideal that should be the cornerstone of any patriotism, whether it is Jewish, American or any thing else. This concept is the dignity of labour. Any person who is doing an honourable job should be honoured by others. From cleaning a toilet to sitting as a corporate chief executive, from mending a clogged heart to rebuilding a transmission, we are all part of a magnificent social machine that should be oiled with just remuneration.

There is a sickness shared by Americans and Israelis. It is the idea that some work is too lowly for natives to consider. There are entire sectors of the job pool in both countries that are roped off and red lined. I have worked along side of South American immigrants who worked long hours with hazardous chemicals for hours on end. They were paid a pittance. They remained unschooled in English and therefore vulnerable. Who assigned value to their wages? Who assigned them their conditions of employment ? They operated expensive industrial equipment and maintained it as well. Who says that their jobs are lowly?

It is indeed profoundly bigoted to say that Americans or Israelis are too smart for certain jobs. Construction jobs in America pay very good wages. They should pay well in Israel too. We are putting bread on the table of people who spit in ours. Let those who despise Jewish children despise Jewish money as well. Let them pay with their own presumably untainted money for the candies they pass out in the street to celebrate suicide bombers.

We pay a lot of attention to suicide bombers. We pay no attention to the daily national suicide in which work in the Holy Land is given to those who defile the Temple Mount daily with prayers calling for Israel's destruction. We are doing this to save a few miserable shekels, leaving out of the equation the cost in blood and tears when we scorn our brothers and sisters.

This insanity of sustaining our enemies predates the foundation of the State of Israel. Descendants of migrant workers jangle rusty keys and swear by their bloodstained Quran that their ancestors were sent by Muhammad to live in Jerusalem, that Yiddish speaking Jews pitched them out of their ancient homes. When they don't lie for gain, they lie to stay in practice. And now, the great grandchildren of the original migrant Arab workers, nursed on hatred continue in their ancestral path. They do so because we let them.

Every bulldozer in our Holy Land should have a Jew sitting on top of it. Operating earth moving machinery is a skilled job. Those who curse the Israel by night should not make a single shekel for building it by day. If this slows construction, then so be it. No nation should commit suicide.

As we mourn the latest attack, we should not be surprised at it. Should we pay armed security guards to stop the next attack? I do not believe so. The next person to climb into a bulldozer should be trusted to operate it in a normal and safe manner. The next bulldozer operator to be hired in Jerusalem should be a Jew

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