Saturday, March 14, 2009

Common Sense About the Right Resurgence in Europe

Europe is facing a problem with immigration that is aggravated exponentially by the failure of Europeans to reproduce. To many Europeans, this statement puts me at the disreputable outskirts of European political discourse. In countries such as Sweden and Denmark, a Muslim immigrant tidal wave of crime cannot even be discussed.

Frank talk about the problem of Muslim crime and militancy is being addressed openly by parties on the political right. In Belgium, the Flemish Block and in the Netherlands the Party For Freedom have tackled these issues head on. Despite being besmirched with political slurs linking them to Neo Nazis these two parties are attracting significant Jewish support. The icy silence in the left of centre political mainstream in response to Arab Jew hatred has Jews and many others feeling alienated from the Social Democratic and Christian Democratic parties that seem to have lost their voices.

Are you looking to the "antifas"( antifascists) to stop the tide of Jew hatred? Wake up to the new political reality. According to them, Israel is a racist abomination. They are a strong presence at anti Israel demonstrations. According to them, Israel should throw down its weapons and become dhimmis in a new Palestinian state. Additionally, they are violent enemies of all who seek to speak openly of Muslim immigrant criminal elements.

The political right in Europe is also riddled with Jew hatred. The Daily Mail in Great Britain reports as follows about a leader of one such group, Herbert Schweiger.

Herbert Schweiger makes no attempt to hide his Nazi views. At his home in the Austrian mountains, the former SS officer gazes out of a window to a view of a misty alpine valley. Described to me as the ‘Puppet Master’ of the far right, Schweiger, 85, is a legendary figure for neo-Nazis across the world.

‘Our time is coming again and soon we will have another leader like Hitler,’ he says.

Still remarkably sharp-minded, Schweiger was a lieutenant in the infamous Waffen SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, an elite unit originally formed before WWII to act as the F├╝hrer’s personal bodyguards.

This is his first interview for four years and the first he has ever given to a journalist from outside Austria. It happens a few weeks before he is due to appear in court charged with promoting neo-Nazi ideology.

It will be the fifth time he has stood trial for breaking a law, the Verbotsgesetz, enacted in 1947 to halt the spread of fascist ideology. He has been found guilty twice and acquitted twice. It quickly becomes apparent that little has changed in Schweiger’s mindset since his Third Reich days.

‘The Jew on Wall Street is responsible for the world’s current economic crisis. It is the same now as in 1929 when 90 per cent of money was in the hands of the Jew. Hitler had the right solutions then,’ he says, invoking the language of Goebbels.

The room is filled with mementos from his past and indicators of his sickening beliefs. His bookshelf is a library of loathing. I spot a book by controversial British Holocaust denier David Irving and one on the ‘myth of Auschwitz’. On a shelf hangs a pennant from the SS Death’s Head unit that ran Hitler’s concentration camps. Such memorabilia is banned in Austria but Schweiger defiantly displays his Nazi possessions.

If Schweiger was an old Nazi living out his final days in this remote spot, it might be possible to shrug him off as a now harmless man living in his past. But Schweiger has no intention of keeping quiet.

‘My job is to educate the fundamentals of Nazism. I travel regularly in Austria and Germany speaking to young members of our different groups,’ he says.

The article gives lengthy coverage to groups that tap freely into a sinister stream of nostalgia for the Third Reich. Millions of Germans and Austrians were Nazi Party members. Although many evolved politically and embraced democratic, non racist ideals, many did not. The talk that was banished from newspapers and broadcast media never faded from tens of thousands of dinner tables. Many seek to extinguish guilt by revising the position of Nazism in collective memory. The truth is caught in a vise as neo-Nazis lie about the past and the modern left lies about the present.

The truth walks a sinister maze in the modern political landscape in which the political pale of settlement for Jews has narrowed considerably. Where does one turn?

Any group that blinds itself to present day realities or falsifies the past has sinister designs for the future. Muslim extremism as well as Nazi and "antifa"extremism must be rejected. Those who seek to inject ethnic violence and hatred into society do not belong in society.

Democracies have laws by which human conduct is judged. These laws must apply equally to citizens of all races, ethnicities and creeds without apologies. No distinction should be made between the bigotry of the "oppressed" and the"oppressor". This is what it means to be a nation of laws. We have drifted far from that. And that is a pity.


This is a video posted on You Tube by the "antifas' themselves about their activities in Sweden when protesting Israel's attempts to defend itself. Decide for yourself if they differ from Nazi street thugs.


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