Friday, April 17, 2009

A Dumb @$$ Dutch Lawsuit and My Comments

A pro Israel group in the Netherlands is in hot water for "abuse of the postal system" according to Haaretz, a popular Israeli newspaper. The article details the alleged offenses of as follows.

A Dutch consumer rights group promoting a ban on Israeli goods is planning to take legal action against one of the Netherland's largest Jewish institutions for alleged "abuse" of the postal system. The Jewish group denies foul play.

Peace, which is advocating a boycott of Israeli goods from the West Bank, says the umbrella group for the Jewish Orthodox communities in the Netherlands, NIK, deliberately caused it losses of thousands of euros.
Peace argues that NIK did this by using its Web site to encourage people to send thousands of Peace's prepaid envelopes through a mailing service that allows anyone to send mail to certain organizations at no charge, since the organizations pay the postal fees after delivery.
"For two weeks now we have been receiving empty envelopes which we put out for people to support our campaign," said Peace chairman Joost Hardeman. "We of course had to pay for this traffic. This illegal manipulation by NIK of the Royal Mail service has forced us to cancel our mail arrangement, and we are preparing a lawsuit against them to cover our costs

I was cracking up laughing when I read this news report. This group is out to inflict economic damage on companies that incidentally probably provide Arabs with employment. Then someone comes up with a way to drain them financially. So they start whining about lost money. That is kind of like saying "Please stand still so I can kick you in the !@#."

If you are going to dabble in controversial politics in a part of the world where there is a war going on and take sides, then you might expect some resistance from the other side. I have every legal right to send off for information from political opponents and to get on their mailing lists. If they send me post paid envelopes, there is no law in the land that will prevent me from sending them back empty or with a check for one cent, which will cost more to process than the one cent that I send them.

Because this stupid Dutch group is so whiny and arrogant in filing this lawsuit, I have decided to fight back in my own small way. I am going to get on the mailing lists of ten anti Israel groups as soon as I finish writing this article. Since I don't want to get sued, I won't be specific. I won't even say if I would include Peace Now on the list. Maybe they will send me post paid envelopes. If they do, I will be sure to thank them for the thoughtful gift.

I am simply relaying this information for educational purposes, but it is possible to send back news clippings, Chinese restaurant menus or anything else that might fit in a standard envelope without running afoul of postal regulations. This could bump up the bill for a past paid envelope to double what it would normally be. I have heard of people mailing bricks with a post paid envelope pasted on them, but that is probably an urban legend.

So when this dumb!@$$ peace group is finished bellyaching about empty envelopes, maybe they could do something constructive like helping out victims of suicide bombers, many of whom are working hard to wipe out the neighbour of the country they intend to create.

I hope this lawsuit is thrown out, but I am not optimistic. In light of the idiocy that has emanated from Europe's capitols lately, it is hard to know what to expect.

This inane lawsuit has exhausted my patience. There is nothing more to say about it. I have to go out and mail some Chinese menus to some commie friends of mine.

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