Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'd Rather Be Water Boarding

There are people who are willing to spray body parts and jet fuel across our cities in an effort to impose upon us their brave new world. These are people who sever hands as a part of their criminal code, who take women as "war booty" and consider all to be permitted in war against us.

The official position of the Obama administration is that we are not allowed to use "torture.". We are expected to blanche in horror at reports of slapping (!) locking suspects in with scary looking insects.(good heavens) and not letting terror suspects go beddy bye after a day of answering (hopefully polite) questions.

Whatever you can say about America's "excesses" in Iraq, we are light years ahead of our enemies. In Iraq, entire towns were wiped out. Men were forced to watch gang rape of their families. Doctors were forced to perform punitive amputations. Even when I read about Abu Ghraib, it seems truly trifling by the standards of the Middle East region.

The scenes of suicide bombings are truly horrific. From Israel to Pakistan, there are those who would usher in their twisted brave new world with suicide bombings and terror squads. These war people who thing that scraping body parts blasted into the walls of a house of worship are a small price to pay for a beautiful Islamic tomorrow.

There should be a possibility of judicial redress and compensation for the wrongly accused. But when I read about the things that the defeatist left is expecting us to recoil from in horror, I find myself shaking my head in utter astonishment. When I see our intelligence and counter terrorism units being forced into battle with wooden swords and gentleman's rules of engagement, I see defeat on the horizon. Moral indignation is being used as a weapon of war.

When I was in a communist youth group in the 1970's we were told by our leaders that participation in the anti war movement was part of our strategy to "tie the hands of US imperialism." Each week, I would see pictures in the Vietnam Courier, a North Vietnamese propaganda newspaper showing antiwar demonstrations across America and the world. I am not proud of this chapter in my life. Indeed, I am ashamed of it. But it was a valuable lesson in the mind set of America's adversaries.

I see evidence of the same strategies being employed today that were used during the Vietnam war by the communist left back when I was a teenager. To this day, I feel that a small portion of guilt is mine from the Cambodian genocide and other horrors inflicted by the communists on Indochina. Whether today's antiwar activists are "useful idiots" or something more sinister can only be guessed. But all of the signs are there. Humanitarian concerns are being used to tie the hands of our government. There has to be a limit. We have a right to defend ourselves. This is not always pretty. But we are not on a college baseball team. We are at war. Get used to it.

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