Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Note to Readers About Rantrave.com

For the last six weeks, I have been cross posting most of my articles from Magdeburgerjoe.com and Rudistettner.com on a great site. Rantrave.com is a web site where readers are invited to post on any subject at all that interests them. There are minimal rules against porn, spamming and slander. They are common sense rules. There are also unwritten rules that come from an evolving sense of community.

It is generally appreciated if one comments on articles that others have posted. It is expected that there be give and take in the rantrave community. Additionally, varying topics is a good idea. People like a mix of subject matter.

The level of civility is very high among the regulars. There are some people with whom I frequently disagree. We are forthright and forthcoming but unfailingly civil.

It is hard to find any real "party liners." Most of the regulars a mix of liberal and conservative.
One guy is very vocal about his vegetarian beliefs. I always associated this with a leftist orientation. He definately runs towards conservatism on many issues. Another guy is so far left that I almost never agree with him. Despite this, I found his comments on Columbine High school very insightful. He had actually attended Columbine and knew of its culture and social life.

I have written about Eritrea and Croatia and received comments voicing opinions seldom found in the news. I have exchanged comments with people that I would not be likely to meet otherwise. even when I agree to disagree, the facts that are brought to support an argument remain with me and contribute to my political and philosophical evolution.

Visualising an audience has always been a powerful creative stimulant for me. The Rantrave.com regulars add layers of nuance and variety to this process that I never would have thought to be possible. When you imagine who you are writing for, it can give your writing a completely different tone.

Aside from the added readership, writing with such a varied audience in mind has been a powerful creative stimulant. I hope the readers who come to my sites will also check out rantrave.com. The site has variety and a sense of community. when you find a writer who interests you, I strongly recommend clicking on his or her name and checking out other articles. Rantrave.com is an exciting interactive experience. Its founder, Alex Layton has achieved a rare blend of civility and spirited exchange of ideas on the site. I see well deserved success in the future for Rantrave.com. It is one of the best examples of what the internet can make possible.

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