Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Plea to the Makers of Crocs

I like to let shopkeepers know what I think. If I want a particular brand of bread or cheese, I let them know how I feel. If other people feel like I do, maybe what I want will show up on the shelves. I'm pretty polite and most shop keepers hear me out, even if I don't get what I ask for.

It is in this spirit that I am sounding off about Crocs. I picked up some Croc knockoffs on clearance. They have the same design as regular crocs with the strap around the back. If I am in the house or taking out the garbage, they are just fine. But on the street, they flunk what I call the bus test. In my opinion, every shoe worn on the street should be suitable for running to catch a bus. A shoe with a strap on the back rather than a full back flunks this test.

The real strength of Crocs is the sole and the front portion. I can walk and stand for hours without foot or back aches. I liked the knockoff so much that I bought an upscale pair of real Crocs with a leather back portion like a shoe instead of a strap. It combines the great sole with a design that passes the bus test. Now for the bad news.

The shoe store salesman told me he was discontinuing the full shoe crocs. He said that they were not selling so well. This seems to be a shortcoming not of the product but of the promotion. My opinion is that the sole and top front of the Crocs are very comfortable. They are also way too expensive. I would like to see one piece rubber Crocs with the quarter (back portion) like a regular shoe instead of a strap. Both this design and the ones I am now wearing with leather uppers should also be offered. When I went to the web site for crocs I did find a few shoes that fit the description I have just given. I hope that they are going to be restocked and are not being sold on clearance. The prices on the web site were far more reasonable than what I paid in the store.

To me, Crocs are a serious addition to footwear. The full shoe and the comfortable sole are the most radical addition to American footwear since the sneaker. I don't want it to be a fad like Nehru jackets or Trolls. (I still miss Nehru jackets.) I ask the manufacturers of Crocs to promote more aggressively the comfort and durability of Crocs not just as a clog or sandal but as a shoe. I am not young. I have grown children. I see you have a wide variety of styles. I hope that you continue making full shoes. I hope you promote the comfort and durability of your product. It deserves to be promoted as a long term shoe rather than just the latest fashion. I'd like to be wearing Croc shoes (not clogs) for a long time. You have some great shoes. Give them a shout out. You've got a winning hand. I wish you luck in playing it well.

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