Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Eyed Perez Hilton and Brendon O'Connell

I was looking for videos to post of the latest tiff with Perez Hilton, who allegedly was clocked by a member of the Black Eyed Peas entourage. Unfortunately, the Perez Hilton video ends off with a salvo of obscenities. Double entendre is as close as I get to publishing out and out profanity. So anyone who wants to see what I saw will have to go on You Tube.

The one moment of the video that was quote worthy was the following quote from Hilton.

"I write about drama in other people's lives. I don't want any drama in my own life."

Sorry Perez. It doesn't work that way. You go around insulting people. You interrogate a Miss America contestant about her political beliefs and batter her later on with misogynistic insults and you are going to ruffle some feathers. On your whiny video, you admit to willfully provoking a member of the Black Eyed Peas entourage by calling him a "fag". I guess the same word that is now banished from polite utterance is OK for you to use. So the lexicon of words banned by feminists is also OK for you to use at will. It's OK for you to poison public discourse with insults and then you point your finger in righteous indignation when someone throws a punch.

You remind me of a guy from Australia named Brendon O'Connell who uses his "free speech" to bash Jews at every opportunity and then screams about "free speech" when people complain of being harassed by him. I defended his right to free speech and ended up getting slammed by him and his followers. Once I saw a video in which he advocated taking Jewish children from their parents and reeducated in what he believes to be the "right " path. I came to a conclusion that there are a lot better things to do than defend the free speech of those who would deny it to others.

There are of course many differences between Brendon O'Connell and Perez Hilton, mainly in their choice of targets. But both of them are appealing for my sympathy. O'Connell wants to use a system he seems not to believe in. And Hilton condemns physical violence even as he trashes the fence of civility that makes violence unthinkable.

On an abstract legalistic level, it is possible that both O'Connell and Hilton may have a right to my sympathy. But I have priorities. And I only have so many hours in a day to fight for worthy causes. Today and all of this week, I will be very busy, rewinding my old video cassettes. And when I am finished, I don't have a moment to spare for Perez or Brendon until I finish collecting signatures in support of a homeland for Esperanto speakers. Sorry guys. You know how it is.


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Miĉjo said...

Esperanto-parolanto, mi aprecegas viajn strebojn kreigi hejmlandon por esperanto-parolantoj. Oni finfine rekonas nian rajton havi propran landon. Du milionoj da esperantistoj korfunde dankegas vin. :-)