Friday, June 19, 2009

Bloopers and Banned Commercials

I always like watching gaffes on television. A properly produced TV show has every moment tightly scripted. The worst thing that can happen is even a second of "dead air". Believe it or not, the Islamic Republic of Iran has a news agency with broadcasts in English known as Press TV. When it is functioning properly, it could easily be called State of Insomnia News Network. It features world and local news, as well as sports. Fortunately for viewers, they produced a classic blooper, complete with dead air and mismatched video clips with no sound. I almost feel sorry for the news anchor. I am presenting it with this posting. Apparently, the news anchor never learned how to ad lib when her teleprompter goes down.

There are some commercials that are better than any show could be. The Japp energy bar commercials feature a friendly good Samaritan who is happy to use his Japp energy bar super powers to help strangers in need. Unfortunately, the people he helps would rather be left alone. I don't know how they filmed these commercials, but they are priceless.

The last commercial I am presenting is a 1960's beer commercial featuring Mr. Magoo. It would never fly today. People would say that it encourages underage drinking. Mr. Magoo was a famous cartoon character whose near sightedness set the stage for comic mishaps. Back then, a lot of cartoon characters did commercials, including the famous Fred Flintstone Winston cigarette commercial.

I find that commercials bring back a lot of memories even more effectively than the shows during which they ran. I think that old commercials are an untapped nostalgia market. Check out what I have presented here and see if you agree.

Mr Magoo beer commercial

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