Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Censorship, Abortion Jew Haters Etc.

I let some comments pile up on my site while I deliberated on the ethical way to dispose of them. In this article, I will summarise one comment, present an edited version of another and print another in its entirety. I will also state my reasons for doing so.

I got one comment which was rather graphic approving of the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller. I am against abortion. I am against murder. I am also tactical. I do not want to cause more loss of unborn life by condoning any sort of murder. I feel that the pro life point of view deserves consideration. Bernard Nathanson was an abortion doctor. He was eliminated not by murder but by winning him over to the pro life cause. That is what should be done.

My next rejected comment reads in its edited entirety as follows. It pertains to an article I wrote about a woman in Texas whose flag was put on the flooor and removed from display in her office.

The person removing the flag and stating that it o... The person removing the flag and stating that it offended her is *************** an immigrant that has refused to learn or speak proper English. She lives at *********************************** look it up on google maps. It is far better than ************** where she is from. More disturbing is she doesn't even have the spine and guts to stand up for what she believes which is the back bone of the United States. She made the comments that the flag offended her and now hides like a coward. The hospital administrators are no better and gave a corporate coward response to the situation. The short of it all is that being a coward is easier than standing up for what you believe. The hospital continues to pay her in American currency that she gladly takes and now they are paying investor's money (they are publicly traded) for security in front of her house. Why will she not stand up now?

I rejected this comment from publication. The day we start to punish holders of unpopular opinions by advocating violence is the day America ceases to be American. I am more offended by this comment than by the mistreatment of the flag. The person who wrote it is the antithesis of our political values. They should crawl back under the rock where he or she resides. i applaud the hospital for protecting the individual being discussed from physical harm.

On my Rudi Stettner site I reprinted a comment from Brendon O'Connell. I find his opinions repulsive, yet feel that exposure and reasoned rebuttal is a better way to deal with people like him. His comment reads as follows.

The fact that I have been portrayed by the judaic community as having threatened them physically, threatened them over the phone are SERIOUS claims. I will be discussing these things at the appropriate time. For now I have just been happy to "watch" and "screenshot" for posterity. Do the Perth judaic community REALLY think they can get away with the ridiculous slander they have spewed out? My friends are not "neonazi" thugs, they are Church goers and highly respected in the community. They have sat, jaws agape at the unbelievable mentally diagnosable rubbish that has spewed forth. Statements so utterly ridiculous as to indicate to me a form of desperate mental illness. Literally. The point is this - the Police were forced to rush over and "find something" - guns, explosives, kiddie porn, drugs OR the big one..."Mental Illness". They found nothing. Detectives were happy to state I was fine. They were courteous and professional but they came initially with their "Tasers Drawn" - no doubt. After the outlandish rubbish concocted by the judaic community no wonder. I was released straight back into the community. All in all I find it amusing that Stanley Keyser can come to a protest and "stalk" it, photographing, listening into conversations etc...and then when asked what he was doing claim he was just a "jew from Melbourne on holidays" who happened upon the protest when in fact he is a local judaic and leader of 2 radical leftist judaic organizations on campus at the University Of Western Australia. Stanley then assaults ME and when I shove him backwards in self defense he cries "poor victim". Yeh, we've heard it all before. Try a "new" approach. "Truth" maybe? I doubt you know the word. A lesson for you all - do not "stalk" people protesting MASS SLAUGHTER and GENOCIDE and complain when a camera gets put in your face. A vast movement is gathering to arrest and try criminals. I would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with judaics of the Tanakh to do this if there are any left. I think people discussing Israeli Intelligence Operations, Leon Wende, SAS Communications Compromised and the banning of cross training between Australia Special Forces and the I.D.F might have something to do with it as well. We could add in such MASSIVE data base mining companies as COMVERSE, VERINT, P-TECH, Guardium etc...as well. No wonder you can track people so easily.

The Perth Jewish community has been dealing with harassment from O'Connell for years. They will have a chance to present their case in court that they have been stalked and harassed. O'Connell claims that Jews have posed as Jew hater in order to make his sympathisers look bad. This is a serious charge. Let him prove it in court.

When O'Connell is going out in public advocating his point of view he is speaking publicly. he should expect to be photographed. If he is out with family and friends on personal business then he can claim a right to privacy. I put no credence to his complaints about harassment.

O'Connell makes claims about mass murder and genocide in Israel. I want numbers, times and places. The Palestinians have made claims of "massacres" that have proven to be be totally false. If O'Connell wants to find genocide and atrocities, let him look at Rwanda, the Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Africa suffers from genocide, torture disease and poverty. I continue to maintain that in comparison to sub Saharan Africa, Israel is embroiled in a low level conflict. It has been extraordinarily humane to ruthless opponents. The norms of warfare in neighbouring Arab countries is far mor brutal. Israel has introduced a new civility to the region. I do not expect any applause from O'Connell. Putting it blunter terms,, the body count does not compute. I believe that Mr. O'Connell is one of many who has a distorted focus on the world. Despite his hysterical tone, O'Connell is not alone in his distorted world view.

Mr. O'Connell veers back and forth between biblical accounts and the present day. He has a habit of switching the subject and switching focus when he is cornered. He is long on accusations and short on proof. A courtroom will be a good place to sort out claims of harassment. I am laying out O'Connell's reply to my articles. I believe that sunlight is a good disinfectant. It is for this reason that I am airing O'Connell's accusations.

There are other comments that I have held back because they are rambling and off topic. I may well end up printing some of those as well.

I believe very strongly in a free flow of information. I have no patience for incitement. I hope I have made a statement on openness, civility and respect for law that is clearly understood by all

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