Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iran Goes to the Polls June 12

Iran's election is this Friday, June 12. The economy is a big issue, with inflation in the double digits monthly. Iran's foreign policy is also on the table. The wisdom of gratuitously provoking the west with nuclear saber rattling is questionable to many.

Not to be minimised is the hunger for western style freedoms. Getting pulled over by vice police for showing one's hair or wrists is not appealing to many Iranians. Parties that involve unveiled (!) women and men mixing with music that is considered "unislamic" is something that many feel should be a personal matter. Spending money on foreign military adventures while the country is in an economic slump strikes many as an unsound choice. Increasing the sting of austerity with intrusive puritanism seems to be adding gasoline to the fire.

A lot is at stake on June 12. After Iran's theocratic overseers are through going over the voter rolls, it is hard to imagine much of a choice being left Despite this, Iranians continue to hope.

In a light hearted spirit, I am presenting with this posting an election song that was recorded for Hossein Mousavi, a candidate who is running against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Although I do not know how the words translate, the modern attire of many in the video seems to hint at hopes of liberalisation. There is a lot of interesting political posts on You Tube, of which this posting is the most timely. I hope my readers will enjoy it. In the interests of impartiality, I have portrayed in the accompanying photo Ahmadinejad's sometimes awkward attempts to reach out to foreign leaders

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