Monday, June 8, 2009

Rightists Win 17% in Dutch Election

Geert Wilders, Dutch leader of the Freedom party in that country has the political establishment in that country stunned at his performance in that country's parliamentary elections, in which the Freedom Party scored 17% of the vote. Wilders has been outspoken in his condemnation of radical Islam. His production of the film "Fitna" quoted the Koran chapter and verse, portraying it as a piece of hate literature. The strength of his party is its willingness to describe realities banned from discussion in the Dutch political mainstream such as Muslim immigrant crime and hate crimes, terrorism and the falling European birth rate.

Although I welcome the frankness of the Freedom Party and Geert Wilders, I believe that a cardinal rule of marriage and family counseling would serve them well. This rule is "Describe behavior." Do not label." There are people who consider the Koran sacred who do not espouse or practice violence. I would be reluctant to alienate such people by lumping them together with terrorists and thugs who use religion to justify their crimes.

Why is America doing much better in relating to its Muslim minority? Is our approach and strategy fundamentally different? Or are there too few Muslims in America for our example to be instructive to France and Belgium, which have 10% of Muslims in their population.

The mainstream parties in Europe could restore a lot of credibility by addressing frankly the realities on the ground in their countries of skyrocketing crime and hate fueled violence against Europeans by minority subcultures. In banishing pressing topics from discussion, Europe's majority parties have banished themselves from relevance.

Preaching sermons about tolerance and drawing up a codex of forbidden speech and topics has done a great deal to make Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party party popular in Holland. The Vlaams Belang in neighbouring Belgium has also established a strong following . Despite being branded as neo nazi, the Vlaams Belang has made inroads among Orthodox Jewish voters who are concerned about immigrant crime and violence against Jews.

Europe has a toxic mix of economic problems and angry immigrant subcultures. As long as political discourse is censored in the political mainstream, the right will grow until it is the political mainstream.

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